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Conor McGregor vs. GSP at 170? Tyron Woodley Says Bout Would be a “Disrespect”

Kelsey Mowatt


It remains to be seen if Georges St-Pierre and Conor McGregor end up fighting, but if it goes down at 170 pounds, Tyron Woodley won’t be happy about it.

For months now, there’s been talk about whether GSP and McGregor could battle. After all, St-Pierre has said he wants as big of fights as possible in his comeback run, and there’s no doubt that a scrap with the Irish star would be absolutely massive. Recently GSP has said he’s contractually obligated to fight Robert Whittaker if he beats Michael Bisping on November 4th, and he’s also said he wouldn’t be interested in fighting someone in a lower division. But, GSP has also left the door open to a bout with McGregor, by saying it’s ultimately up to the fans and Dana White.

So, when you consider McGregor has fought at welterweight twice before, might GSP be interested in facing the lightweight champ at 170? Well, recently Woodley had this to say about a possible, welterweight bout between McGregor and GSP on the Morning Wood Show (quotes via MMA Fighting):

“No, that’s a disrespect to me. . .

“[St-Pierre] probably [will call out McGregor], but he’s gonna have to be honest with the fans and say, ‘I’m here for money.” And that’s okay. There’s no shame in that. . . Just know I’m gonna call him out on that. Win, lose, or draw, I’m gonna want to fight the winner of that fight, Bisping or Georges. Then I’m going to want to come back and see all this fresh new talent in the welterweight division and I’m gonna want to show them a lesson too.”

You can understand why Woodley’s saying this. After all, GSP is the former welterweight champ, so if he is going to fight at 170, one would think it should be for the championship. But, it’s hard to imagine GSP moving all the way down to 155, at least anytime soon, when you consider he’s about to fight the middleweight champ. You also have to wonder if McGregor’s team would be interested in having him face GSP at welterweight, when you consider the latter’s wrestling and top game.

Of course, all this is just talk at this point. St-Pierre has to get by Bisping at UFC 217, and it sounds like White wants McGregor to defend the 155 belt and face Tony Ferguson.

Woodley, meanwhile, is recovering from a shoulder injury he incurred in his decision win over Demian Maia in July.



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