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Dana White Outlines Conditions to Make Conor McGregor vs. GSP Happen

Kelsey Mowatt


For a few days there, it looked like all this talk about Conor McGregor and Georges St-Pierre possibly fighting at some point, might be off base. But, increasingly it looks like the all-star match-up could actually happen, if, and there’s a couple of big ifs, certain things fall into place.

Ever since GSP confirmed he was coming back to the UFC, there’s been talk about him fighting McGregor. This was heightened by the fact the former welterweight champ said he wants the biggest fights possible, in his comeback run. It wouldn’t get much bigger than McGregor – GSP right?

But, then, St-Pierre relayed that he has to defend the 185 title, if he defeats middleweight champ, Michael Bisping, at UFC 217. In addition, GSP said that he’s not interested in fighting opponents who compete in lower weight divisions. So, some took that as a no-go, in terms of him fighting McGregor.

Well, since then. St-Pierre has said that it’s ultimately up to Dana White, if a fight with McGregor materializes. During a recent interview with TSN, White reportedly said this about McGregor – GSP (quotes via MMA Weekly):

“GSP would need to defend his title first at 185 [pounds] and Conor has some business to handle himself. It would be a year and a half down the road before we would even talk about that,”

“Everybody’s intriguing for Conor McGregor. I mean, if you look at Conor McGregor at 145, 155 and 170 [pounds], everything is intriguing.”

How about that? Now, obviously, there are several, considerable hurdles ahead, in terms of making this fight a reality. GSP would have to get by Bisping and then Robert Whittaker, and it sounds like White was referring to McGregor having to defeat lightweight interim champ, Tony Ferguson. McGregor could also be called on for another fight, possibly with another lightweight contender, or Nate Diaz.

Then, the fight itself would have to be signed, and both men would need to stay healthy, if the fight was going to take place sometime in say, 2019.

But, you never know. The UFC has changed gears before, and if McGregor were to call for a fight with GSP sooner than later, it could happen sometime next year.


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