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UFC FN 118: Donald Cerrone on Why “The MMA Audience is so Stupid”

UFC Fight Night 118

Donald Cerrone certainly seems to be a guy who’s lived up to the ‘anytime, anywhere’ narrative he expresses, but according to the welterweight, there’s a lot of fighters who can’t say the same.

When it was announced that Cerrone is going fight Darren Till tomorrow at UFC Fight Night 118, the bout caught a lot of folks by surprise. The reason being that Cerrone is ranked #6 in the welterweight division, and Till isn’t sitting in the top 15. There were also some observers who criticized Cerrone for taking the fight, since, Till has more to gain with the fight than “Cowboy”. After all, if the latter loses, then his stock in the 170 division would take a significant hit.

As a result, leading up to the bout, there’s been a lot of discussion as to whether Cerrone should have accepted the fight. But, while discussing this debate recently, Cerrone let it be known that finding fights isn’t as easy as some people think (quotes via MMA Junkie):

“The MMA audience is so stupid,” Cerrone said. “They just think because a guy says, ‘I’ll fight anybody,’ that means they’ll do it. No, that’s not true. They said they’ll fight anybody in public, and then when they get the call and their manager sits down with them and they’re like, ‘They offered us ‘Cowboy’ and their manager says, ‘Stylistically I don’t know if that’s a good matchup for you right now, you’re coming off a loss’ and blah, blah blah.

“Then they say they didn’t turn it down, but their management turned it down and it’s not them doing it, ‘I didn’t turn it down.’ To me that drives me (expletive) through the wall.”

How about that? Was Cerrone talking about you?

There’s no doubt that a lot of fighters say one thing publicly, when it comes to calling out opponents, or accepting bouts, and another behind the scenes. Or, more often, their manager puts the brakes on a particular match-up, as Cerrone alluded to.

One thing’s for sure, tomorrow’s bout between Cerrone and Till has the makings of something special, regardless of the ranking’s implications.

UFC FN 118 will take place in Gdansk, Poland.


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