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Demetrious Johnson Explains How he Could Take Out Brock Lesnar…


Demetrious Johnson is regarded by many as the greatest, pound-for-pound fighter on the planet. So, does the UFC’s flyweight champ think he could take out Brock Lesnar if he had to? Yes. Yes he does.

Johnson recently appeared on TMZ Sports. Since that’s not exactly a platform where hardcore, MMA analysis and discussion takes place, Johnson was asked how he could defeat Lesnar in the cage. Here’s what Johnson had to say (quotes via MMA Mania):

“Obviously size is going to be a huge factor but his skill is nowhere near my level. So, I’m going to be blasting him in the liver. Liver kicks all day,” Johnson said. “Just blast kicks, blast kicks, blast kicks, and hopefully one of those liver shots puts him down man.”

“Well it’s a liver shot,” Johnson added, while explaining a liver shot. “I mean, if you hit anybody in their liver, in the right spot or you hit them in the liver, they’re going to go down regardless. I mean the liver ceases and it just shuts the body down. Then I’d jump on Brock’s back and choke him out.”

There you have it folks. Of course, in reality, this bout would never happen. Lesnar  cuts to make 265 and Johnson doesn’t shed much to make 125.


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