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Georges St-Pierre Insists He’s Focused on Michael Bisping, Not Conor McGregor

UFC 217

Georges St-Pierre has repeatedly put the brakes on talk about him fighting Conor McGregor, but the former welterweight champ continues to field questions about the possibility of facing the star.

Since St-Pierre has said he wants the biggest fights possible in his comeback run, there’s been plenty of buzz about him fighting McGregor at some point. After all, it would be a massive fight, and defeating the lightweight champ would be a huge addition to his legacy, and would pad GSP’s checking account, considerably.

Well, more recently, GSP has said that ultimately, it will be up to the fans and UFC boss man Dana White, if he fights McGregor. But, he’s also distanced himself from the match-up, by noting he’s not interested in fighting opponents from lower weight divisions.

Despite that, GSP was asked if he’s targeting a fight with McGregor, during a recent interview with Sports Illustrated. Here’s what the Canadian star had to say (quotes via MMA Mania):

“Nah, I don’t look to set up a fight with Conor,” St-Pierre said. “I’m happy for Conor. He made a lot of money and deserved it. He raised the bar for everybody. He’s the most charismatic guy in MMA right now, the one who sells the most. I am happy for him. He deserve, he work hard for it.”

“I’m focusing on Michael Bisping. We’re in different weight class. I’m focusing on Michael Bisping, one step at a time and you never know what’s going to happen in MMA, you know? I’m not afraid of nobody. I’m very confident in my skill and what I can bring on the table but at the same time I focus on one step at a time, what is ahead of me. I made the mistake in the past of overthinking stuff and when you do that, things doesn’t happen the way you want and waste energy, what I think.”

There you have it. Now, if GSP does defeat Bisping, and the UFC decides McGregor – St- Pierre is the way to go, then don’t be surprised at all if the bout happens. But, for now, it looks like the UFC intends to address it’s championship picture. This is why White’s said McGregor needs to defend his 155 belt, and that GSP will have to face Robert Whitaker, if he wins the middleweight title, November 4th.


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