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Coach : “Beating” CM Punk Took Has Been a “Great Motivation”


After CM Punk was quickly taken out by Mickey Gall, in his MMA / UFC debut, many folks predicted that the former pro-wrestling star would close the book on his fighting ambitions. While it isn’t clear yet, if and when we’ll actually see Punk fight again, it seems pretty clear the 38 year-old intends to.

In recent months, there’s been a lot of speculation as to whether Punk will be offered another bout in the Octagon. Nothing has been announced, but his head coach Duke Roufus has reported that Punk continues to train, and that they expect a fight to materialize.

Well, more recently, Roufus was a guest on the Unfiltered Podcast, and he had this to say about Punk’s loss to Gall, and his desire to compete again (quotes via MMA Junkie):

“(UFC President Dana White) and the matchmakers had their weekly matchmaking meeting yesterday, and we’ll get some news soon,” Roufus said. “I just think the first time you step in the octagon, there’s something special you’ve got to deal with getting in there. For Punk, this sounds really weird, but now he knows what a beating feels like – a real beating.”

“I think (a loss like Punk’s at UFC 203) will help a lot of fighters to the point of haunting them, like, ‘No, I don’t want to feel this way ever again,’” Roufus added. “It’s not the physical. These guys are tough. It’s the mental anguish. You don’t want to feel that depressing, embarrassing feeling of getting beat up in front of God and everyone. It’s no fun. It’s been great motivation for him.”

So, first off, it certainly sounds like Roufus expects Punk to get offered another UFC fight. There’s been no statements from him, or Punk in recent months, which indicate that they’re expecting him to get released.

It’s also interesting to hear that, according to Roufus, Punk is still very dedicated to fighting. Despite the one sided, and much watched loss he took. If the Chicago fighter has been spending a ton of time in the gym, it’s going to be fascinating to see what kind of improvements he’s made. It’s also going to be very interesting to see what fighter, if any, the UFC signs to face Punk…


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