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UFC FN 119: Colby Covington Says He’ll be “The Uncrowned King” With Win Over “Dad-Bod” Demian Maia

UFC Fight Night 119

Colby Covington’s efforts to be Chael Sonnen 2.0 continue, as as the rising welterweight has been slinging verbal trash at both Demian Maia and the host city for UFC Fight Night 119, Sao Paulo.

Covington has been booked for the co-headlining spot, on account of a four fight winning streak, and a 7-1 run in the UFC. If you’ve been following the 29 year-old in recent months, then you know that he’s also been making noise outside of the cage as well, by repeatedly blasting welterweight champ, Tyron Woodley.

Well, more recently, Covington had the following to say about Maia, Sao Paulo, and where he’ll be, if he defeats the vaunted grappler tonight (quotes via MMA Fighting):

“I don’t think the locals are going to like me anyway once I beat dad-bod Maia,” Covington said. “So, at the end of the day, it is what it is. Sao Paulo is a dump, that’s a known fact. They f*cked up bringing me down here. I’m a problem. I’m sending their hero to hell. Sh*t, he may thank me. Hell is probably an upgrade from this place. Did I mention this place is a dump yet?”

“I do believe I’ll cut the line on Saturday,” Covington added. “I think that Robbie Lawler, he wasn’t competitive in the fight versus Woodley, so why redo that fight if he beats RDA? It doesn’t really make sense. That fight didn’t sell in the first place, and RDA, the UFC knows that he was ducking me and he didn’t want to fight me, so I think that I will jump the line. His wins haven’t been impressive, and after this Saturday, the UFC will know that I am the uncrowned king of this division.”

Yup. There’s definitely a Sonnen-esque tone to those comments, although fans of the “American Gangster” would likely argue that Covington doesn’t have the pro-wrestling shtick down like the star.

The big question is, however, can Covington back-up all this talk? Maia was unable to put his grappling game into motion against Woodley, on account of the champ’s wrestling pedigree. Covington is also a former NCAA Division 1 wrestler with a long list of accolades in the sport. So, we shall see soon enough.


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