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Conor McGregor “Ain’t Stepping in That Octagon” Unless He’s Made Co-Promoter With UFC


Conor McGregor has become the biggest draw for the UFC in a span of approximately four years, and now the Irish star wants to fundamentally change the way the promotion does business.

The MMA world has been waiting to see what comes next for McGregor, following his massive boxing match with Floyd Mayweather in August. McGregor was made a partner for the highly lucrative bout, and guess what? He wants something similar to be go down with the UFC, before he returns to the Octagon.

McGregor recently attended a Q& A in Dublin in advance of the premiere for the new “Notorious” documentary, about his fighting career. While doing so, the 29 year-old made these eyebrow raising comments (quotes via MMA Junkie):

“I was promoter on the Mayweather fight, and we’re in current negotiations,” McGregor said. “I ain’t stepping in that octagon again unless I’m part owner of the whole setup – I’m a promoter.”

“…They’re trying to get me back before the end of the year to make the company money so they can re-service the debt after the big $4.2 billion sale and all this bollocks, and I’m sitting there watching them type of wars I came through, back-to-back-to-back, and watching how I got there, and I’m like, I need to take my time here. I’m in no hurry. I’m in a great position. I’m in the forever money stage now. My money is up there rattling around in the money counter machine, so I’m good.”

Now, at first glance, one might be tempted to pass this off and determine that the UFC will go ahead and grant McGregor his wish. After all, he is the company’s biggest name and as McGregor alluded to, on account of the sale, they need him in the cage, moving tickets and pay-per-view buys. So, maybe this will happen, and they’ll add McGregor as a partner.

But, there’s also a chance that the UFC brass will think that if they partner with McGregor, it will prompt other stars on their roster to do the same. Sure, maybe not right now, as McGregor is the top draw by a wide margin. But in the future. So, the question is, with that amount of debt, will the owners want to cut other people in?

It’s going to be fascinating to see what goes down. We could be witnessing a historic turn for the UFC.


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