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“Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Werdum” Live Results and Play-by-Play

Fedor Emelianenko and Fabricio will have live results and play-by-play from tonight’s “Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Werdum” event beginning at 10pm ET.

Check out the live results below, and stay tuned to for the latest Strikeforce news and Strikeforce rumors.

“Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Werdum” Live Results

  • Fabricio Werdum def. Fedor Emelianenko via submission (triangle armbar) – Round 1, 1:09
  • Cung Le def. Scott Smith via TKO (strikes) – Round 2, 1:46
  • Champ Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos def. Jan Finney via TKO (strikes) – Round 2, 2:56
    Strikeforce women’s 145-pound championship
  • Josh Thomson def. Pat Healy via submission (rear naked choke) – Round 3, 4:27

“Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Werdum” Play-by-Play


Round 1 – Healy stalks forward, but Thomson quickly clinches before trading punches as they separate. Thomson scores a takedown, but Healy scrambles back to his feet and presses Thomson against the fence in the clinch. Thomson pushes Healy down and tries for an armbar, but Healy survives. Thomson then locks on a triangle, but Hea;y again escapes and they return to the clinch. Healy throws Thomson back to the ground and takes his back, but Thomson scrambles away and tries for a heel hook but gives it up and stands. Healy takes him down again, but Thomson scrambles back to his feet. Thomson gets another takedown and ends the round on top. scores a close first for Thomson 10-9.

Round 2 – Thomson opens with kicks, then Healy scores an early takedown and takes Thomson’s back again, where he tries to unload punches but Thomson minimizes the damage. Healy grinds away with punches as Thomson gets to half guard, then full guard, but Healy gets back to half guard. After returning to their feet, Healy quickly gets another takedown but Thomson connects with an upkick then goes for a triangle, but Healy escapes. Thomson unloads elbows to Healy’s legs, then goes for an armbar but Healy again survives and throws a few soft punches as the round ends. gives the second to Healy 10-9, evening the fight at 19-19.

Round 3 – Thomson connects with crisp punches to begin the third before Healy catches a kick and tries for a takedown that’s stuffed. Healy has slowed and is carrying his hands low, allowing Thomson to connect with more punches. Healy counters with punches, then takes Thomson down from the clinch. Thomson takes Healy’s back in a scramble and locks on a rear naked choke. Healy survives briefly, but Thomson gets a body triangle, squeezes tighter, and finally forces Healy to tap.

Josh Thomson def. Pat Healy via submission (rear naked choke) – Round 3, 4:27


Round 1 – Finney and Cyborg trade wild punches in the opening seconds before Cyborg gets into the clinch and presses Finney against the cage. Cyborg unloads a few punches and knees in the clinch before they separate. Finney goes toe-to-toe with Cyborg and is dropped with punches, then eats a knee but survives in the clinch. Cyborg backs away and drops Finney with heavy punches. Finney survives by grabbing a leg, but Cyborg forces her to stand. Cyborg drops her again with more punches, then blasts her with knees to the body. Cyborg catches Finney with punches to the back of the head and loses a point following a previous warning. After a brief break, Finney continues and eats more punches on the restart. Finney somehow stays standing long enough to connect with a few punches, but Cyborg drops her again and unloads with punches on the ground. Cyborg continues to attack but Finney survives the round. scores the round for Cyborg 9-7.

Round 2 – Finney connects with a right to start the second, but Cyborg immediately connects with more punches as Finney goes to the ground again. Cyborg gets on top and drops more punches before allowing Finney to stand. Cyborg blasts Finney again then grabs the clinch, but after trading a few punches they stall and are restarted. Cyborg drops Finney with a knee to the body and unloads a few more punches before the fight is finally stopped.

Champ Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos def. Jan Finney via TKO (strikes) – Round 2, 2:56

Between fights, former UFC and Strikeforce champion Frank Shamrock announces his retirement.


Round 1 – Smith immediately rushes Le and grabs the clinch. There’s little action in the clinch, but Smith connects with an elbow as they separates. Smith continues to press forward, but Le connects with counter punches. Smith has Le backpeddling, but Le blocks a head kick then connects with a left. Smith shoots for a takedown, but Le sprawls and punches Smith’s body. Smith stands into the clinch, then throws punches as they separates. Smith and Le trade wild punches, then Le connects with a high kick and follows it up with more punches before a knee drops Smith. Le unloads punches to the body to finish the round. scores the first for Le 10-9.

Round 2 – Le overwhelms Smith with punches early in the second and keeps up the pressure to drop Smith again. Le blasts him with knees to the body, but Smith stands. Smith looks for an opening, but Le drops him with a spinning back kick and follows it up with punches on the ground to finish the fight.

Cung Le def. Scott Smith via TKO (strikes) – Round 2, 1:46


Round 1 – Fedor connects with an early combination and Werdum falls to the canvas. Fedor jumps into his guard, narrowly avoids an armbar, then connects with some ground and pound. Werdum grabs an arm then locks on triangle and it’s deep. Emelianenko tries to roll free, but Werdum tightens it up, pressures the arm, and forces Fedor to tap.

Fabricio Werdum def. Fedor Emelianenko via submission (triangle armbar) – Round 1, 1:09

Pictured: Fedor Emelianenko and Fabricio Werdum


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