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UFC 217: Georges St-Pierre on Why Michael Bisping’s Trash Talk is “All Good”

Kelsey Mowatt

UFC 217

Michael Bisping has slung a ton of trash talk Georges St-Pierre’s way leading up to UFC 217, but the former welterweight champ maintains none of it is having an effect.

Since the UFC announced plans for the bout, Bisping has taken aim at St-Pierre’s size, heart, fans, clothes, fighting style, and legacy. Not only that, but the brash, middleweight champ has alleged that St-Pierre has used performance enhancing drugs.

Bisping’s insults haven’t been limited to just interviews or social media, however, as if you’ve watched any of the pre-fight press conferences, then you know the British star hasn’t held back with his verbal assaults.

Well, at the latest press conference yesterday, GSP had this to say about Bisping’s relentless trash talk (quotes via MMA Junkie):

“It’s the calm before the storm,” St-Pierre said. “He’s got a big mouth. … If he wants to waste his energy like this, it’s all good. I’ve got one goal in mind, and that’s it.”

At one point, Bisping compared St-Pierre to a stockbroker or history teacher, to which, the latter said:

“I will retire him,” St-Pierre said. “You’re going to be beaten by a history teacher on Saturday.”

How about that huh? That’s not a bad zinger from GSP, who himself, recently said:

“…I’m not good at trash talking, I’m just not good at it. If I try to do it, I’d make a fool of myself and I’m going to lose. First, English is not my first language, I think French in my head, and it’s like a rap battle, I’m just not good at it. I pick my fights very carefully, I fight where I’m strong.”

Chances are that Bisping has been slinging so much trash as a means to move PPV buys, rather than get in GSP’s head. Bisping maybe hoping that happens, but he also likely knows that many others tried to get GSP off his game with verbal tactics, and it never appeared to work. Although, you could make the case that St-Pierre hasn’t fought anyone to date with the trash talking abilities of Bisping.

UFC 217 will be hosted by Madison Square Garden in New York City.


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