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UFC Press Conference News and Notes

The UFC held a press conference earlier today in Las Vegas at the company’s headquarters to address recent statements by Randy Couture. UFC President Dana White, UFC co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta, and UFC Chief Financial Officer John Mulkey were all on hand at the event and White and Fertitta answered questions from the media.

  • Dana White opens up by saying that they will be providing a full breakdown on Couture’s salary and that the UFC doesn’t release figures because it should be about the sport and not about the money.
  • Couture received $500,000 signing bonus. The bonus was split into two payments: half of which was paid immediately and half of which was paid following his first fight.
  • Couture was paid a total of $1.186 million dollars for his fight against Tim Sylvia at UFC 68. That total is composed of a $250,000 base salary and $936,000 PPV bonus. All of this money has been paid to Couture except for $17,000 which is pending.
  • He was paid a total of $1.072 million for his UFC 74 title fight against Gabriel Gonzaga. The breakdown for his salary was a $250,000 purse, $35,000 fight of night bonus, and a $787,000 PPV bonus for 485,000 estimated buys. The PPV bonus remains to be paid but is expected to be paid in early to mid-November.
  • His total salary for 2007 is $2.9 million.
  • Bonuses which Couture referred to as “off the books” are indeed recorded by Zuffa and are not required contractually but are given out on the discretion of the UFC.
  • Couture also received $200,000 per year as part of his employment agreement and an additional $50,000 for his commentating.
  • The UFC is going to offer Couture a fight this week against Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. If the fight is turned down he will official be considered “retired” and the two top contenders in the heavyweight division (likely Tim Sylvia and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira) will fight for the vacant championship.
  • Couture is still officially considered the UFC Heavyweight Champion.


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