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Conor McGregor Has no Timeline Yet For Retirement, “I’ve Never Been Dropped”

Kelsey Mowatt

UFC 217

Since Conor McGregor has already made truckloads of money, there’s been a lot of talk regarding how long the UFC’s lightweight champ will continue to fight. Well, recently McGregor reported that while he’s indeed set financially, his physical health will likely determine when he hangs up the gloves.

The Irish star has been making the media rounds as result of the recent release of the  “Conor McGregor: Notorious” documentary. McGregor was a guest on RTE’s The Late Late Show and he was asked about a timeline for his retirement. Here’s some of what McGregor had to say (quotes via MMA Fighting):

“I’m 29 years of age and I have climbed to the very, very, very top and with…not with relative ease…I’ve put in a lot of hard work,” McGregor said.

“…I’ve gone through strenuous camp, after camp, after camp, but still – compared to other people in the fight game – I’m still relatively undamaged.

“I’ve never been dropped. I was wobbled once. In the Mayweather fight, it was fatigue – I wasn’t wobbled, I didn’t see stars once.”

McGregor then reportedly added that he plans to fight for at least “a couple of more years” before he sees where he stands. In addition, the heavy handed fighter said:

“I could cut it off yesterday, you know what I mean? I don’t really have a date and a time and an age because I use it from a damage-taking standpoint.”

From what we’ve seen in McGregor’s UFC bouts anyways, it is true that he hasn’t taken a ton of damage. Although, Diaz did tag him with some hard shots in both of their bouts, although, only the one that McGregor mentioned appeared to really stun him.

Of course, one could argue that most top tier fighters haven’t taken a lot of damage by the time they’re 29. It’s often the fights that go down as they leave their prime, in which their reflexes slow and they start to absorb more punishment.

The question is, will McGregor be interested in still fighting when he’s say, 32 or 33? If he’s collected several more checks and accolades? Or if he’s participated in a few more wars? With the likes of Tony Ferguson? Or say, Tyron Woodley or Georges St-Pierre?


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