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Colby Covington Says He’s “The Money Fight” For Tyron Woodley


Tyron Woodley has been calling for a bout with Georges St-Pierre, but according to Colby Covington, he’s the welterweight champ’s “money fight”.

Prior to UFC 217, Woodley said he wanted to face the winner of Michael Bisping – Georges St-Pierre, and following the latter’s win, he relayed he’d move up to face the new middleweight champ. GSP’s win, and the massive UFC 217 show, drew the spotlight away from Covington, who had been making headlines for his call out of Woodley and for making controversial statements after UFC FN 119.

Well, more recently, Covington spoke with Impact Wrestling, and while doing so, he said this about Woodley (quote via MMA Junkie):

“Man, the guy’s making all these excuses,” Covington said. “He doesn’t want to tell the world the real reason he doesn’t want to fight me. The real reason Tyron Woodley doesn’t want to fight me is because the last time we were in the gym together I broke him. And I’ll do the same thing in front of the world when we fight for that welterweight championship, Tyron Woodley.”

“Let’s see if he can defend the home turf,” Covington stated. “I’m the money fight for you, Tyron Woodley. You already fought No. 1 and No. 2. I’m next in line. Stop making excuses.”

Is Covington the “money fight” for Woodley? Based off all the attention the contender’s been getting, chances are a fight with the champ would be big. But, does it match what Woodley could earn by fighting St-Pierre? No. Not even close.

Covington has been making waves within the MMA world thanks to his self promoting and recent wins, but he’s not a mainstream star yet, like GSP. Especially since the latter just returned to the cage and won the middleweight title.

So, as it stands right now, it doesn’t look good for Covington, in terms of getting a title shot. In addition, Woodley, so far at least, has dismissed the idea that Covington should get a title shot next. But you never know. If GSP stays at 185, and no one scores an emphatic win in the Rafael dos Anjos vs. Robbie Lawler bout next month, the UFC could pressure Woodley to fight “Chaos.”


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