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Georges St-Pierre Reports he Injured Neck, Early on in Scrap With Michael Bisping

UFC 217

There’s been a lot of talk about Georges St-Pierre’s performance at UFC 217, and now the new middleweight champ’s reported he injured his neck, early on against Michael Bisping.

Since St-Pierre choked out Bisping last weekend, some have argued that the former welterweight champ looked even better, than before his hiatus from fighting (which began in late 2013). Others, however, have noted that GSP was fading by round three of the fight, and some folks, like Robert Whittaker, have argued the star looked slower than ever.

Well, St-Pierre was competing at middleweight for the first time in the Octagon, and he was battling ring rust. But in the latest “MMA Hour”, the 36 year-old reported an injury he incurred, which could have also impacted his performance (quote via MMA Fighting):

“When I re-watched the fight, I’m not sure 100 percent, but I think it happened in the first round when I had my first takedown, and I was holding Michael Bisping’s legs,” St-Pierre said. “He elbowed me, but the elbow hit me right in a particular spot … in the back of the head. That’s where there is a little bone that’s attached to the spinal cord, and that’s why after the fight, I couldn’t even tie up my shoes. My neck couldn’t even move. I had incredible swelling in the muscle in the back of my neck. And during the fight, when I was on the ground, it was very hard for me to posture up, to strike. I couldn’t even do that. Even now, if you look at me, my head [turns to the left], but [to the right] I’m restricted a little bit. It’s a lot better than it was, but it was very painful.”

The part about him being unable to posture up to strike is interesting, as Bisping was able to tag St-Pierre with some hard elbows from the bottom, which cut him up. The injury might have also diminished GSP’s ability to keep Bisping on the mat.

One could certainly argue that this news makes GSP’s win even more impressive? All this aside, it still remains unclear as to when, and who, St-Pierre will face next.


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