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The Ultimate Fighter 6: Episode 9 Recap

Caution: This post contains spoilers from the ninth episode of The Ultimate Fighter 6: Team Hughes vs. Team Serra

In this episode the quarterfinal matchups are to be determined by Matt Serra who earned the right by his team winning six of the opening eight bouts. There is a lot of talk by Serra about matching up Team Hughes’ final two fighters, Mac Danzig and Tommy Speer, in the quarterfinals. Though the move could benefit Team Serra it would also guarantee Hughes a fighter in the semis. Serra ultimately decides to let the fighters tell him what matchups they want and they finally settle on the following lineup:

  • Mac Danzig vs. John Kolosci (Episode 9)
  • Matt Arroyo vs. Troy Mandaloniz (Episode 10)
  • George Sotiropoulous vs. Richie Hightower (Episode 10)
  • Ben Saunders vs. Tommy Speer (Episode 11)

With the bouts now decided the fighters shake hands before the news is delivered that two of Serra’s fighters will be cornered by Hughes since he cannot coach and corner fighters who are facing each other. While he can choose who he wants to go to Team Hughes he opts for a simple coin flip instead and Richie Hightower and Matt Arroyo will temporarily be trained by Hughes.

In the fight Mac Danzig squares off with John Kolosci. Despite his best effort to take the fight to the ground Kolosci is unable to mount any offense and is getting hit with punches and elbows no matter his position. A worn down Kolosci eventually gets caught in a rear naked choke late in round one and is forced to tap guaranteeing Hughes will be represented in the next round.

Here’s a look at the teams following this weeks fight:

Team Serra

  • Matt Arroyo (1-0)
  • George Sotiropoulos (1-0)
  • Ben Saunders (1-0)
  • Troy Mandaloniz (1-0)
  • Richie Hightower (1-0)
  • John Kolosci (Eliminated by Mac Danzig – Quarterfinals)
  • Jon Koppenhaver (Eliminated by Tommy Speer – Week 8)
  • Joe Scarola (Eliminated by Mac Danzig – Week 1)
  • Roman Mitichyan (Injured – Week 1)

Team Hughes

  • Mac Danzig (2-0)
  • Tommy Speer (1-0)
  • Jared Rollins (Eliminated by George Sotiropoulos – Week 7)
  • Dan Barrera (Eliminated by Ben Saunders – Week 6)
  • Paul Georgieff (Eliminated by Troy Mandaloniz – Week 5)
  • Blake Bowman (Eliminated by Richie Hightower – Week 4)
  • Dorian Price (Eliminated by Matt Arroyo – Week 2)
  • Billy Miles (Eliminated John Kolosci – Week 3)

Next week on The Ultimate Fighter:

  • The coaches will square off in a game of bowling in a coaches challenge.
  • Matt Arroyo will take on Troy Mandoloniz and George Sotiropoulous faces Richie Hightower.

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