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NBC, CBS Considering MMA Programing

According to reports both NBC and CBS (and likely other major cable channels as well) are considering adding MMA to their lineup. The move is a response to a recent writers strike which has put many sitcoms on indefinite hiatus and sent television stations scrambling to find new programming to fill the void. Most companies are eying additional reality shows and sports programming, which require no script writing, as a temporary solution while contract negotiations continue.

The UFC is reportedly in extensive discussions with CBS to air specials on the network beginning in early-2008. CBS and Spike TV, who recently signed a major multi-year deal with the UFC, are both owned by the same parent company, National Amusements, making a deal more likely. According to reports a deal could be completed as early as this week.

NBC is considering deals with M-1 Global, K-1, and the IFL.


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