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Alistair Overeem Plans to Fight in K-1 Grand Prix, Unlikely to Face Fedor This Year

According to an email to from Strikeforce heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem, Overeem will participate in K-1’s Grand Prix beginning on October 2nd and ending December 11th. Overeem’s participation in the Grand Prix was decided in part by injury to Fabricio Werdum.

By fighting in K-1’s Grand Prix, Overeem effectively turns down Fedor Emelianenko but maintains he is dedicated to defending the Strikeforce belt by saying:

“If Werdum wasn’t injured I would fight him over the K-1 because I said that Strikeforce is my priority, but now it allows me to follow my dream and goal and that’s to become K-1 Grand Prix champion.”

Overeem, in the same email, shared some thoughts on Fedor’s future.

“If you look at the virtual rankings within Strikeforce it’s clear that Fedor is number three because of his loss against Werdum, and Antonio Silva is number four, So, let them fight and the winner fights against the winner between Werdum and myself.”

Overeem also said he would not be pushed around by Fedor’s management in a future bout. Calling their demands “crazy”

“Come on. They can try to sabotage Strikeforce because of their ‘crazy’ demands but I’m not going to bow for those guys, They don’t even do any testing at there own M-1 shows, only in the U.S because it’s sanctioned by a commission. If you fight for M-1 in Russia or anywhere else you don’t even need to take a test. So, before they start demanding things make sure they do it at their own shows. For now, I will follow all rules the commission gives me just like anybody else.”

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