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Serra versus Hughes: Am I the only one?

Let me preface this by saying that I want to see the rubber match between Matt Hughes and George St. Pierre just as much as the next guy. But to be completely honest, I’d rather see the originally planned Serra vs. Hughes match like we were promised. Why do I want to see it so badly? It’s simple- the test.

Whereas Hughes and Pierre have already been tested throughout their careers which include two previous bouts against each other, Serra remains fairly untested against champion competition aside from his stunning upset victory over GSP. So we know that GSP and Hughes can rock the cage with experience and expertise to match, but can Serra really put on the show he did once upon a time that seems so long ago by now? Was GSP just off his game that night or is Serra really that good? Could Serra survive or even dominate on the ground against a guy like Hughes or Pierre? Can Serra really throw that hard or was it just a lucky punch? And the biggest question, can Matt Serra back up the absurd amount of attitude and smack talk he’s been spouting off for the past year? Who knows. And that’s the problem, now we may never know for sure. Much like a lousy movie plot, Hughes-GSP III leaves more questions than answers.

I Need Closure

Matt Serra wins the welterweight title fair and square and now it’s finally time to defend, so what happens? Serra gets injured, can’t fight in a timely fashion and we luckily get another great fighter to take his place. However as I said earlier these two (Hughes and GSP) just don’t have enough to prove any more. Similar to Tito Ortiz and Ken Shamrock, I really believe that Hughes and Serra have a serious distaste for each other. Sure Ortiz and Shamrock could have fought better matched opponents and put on better shows, but they had a beef and settled it for our entertainment. Closure was received, end of story. But where is the closure with Serra and Hughes? If GSP wins we may never get any closure because Hughes claims he only has 2 or 3 fights left in his career, and those remaining fights will likely not be against Matt Serra. As for Serra, well once he recovers you have to entertain the possibility that he may never be the same fighter ever again. His injury is pretty severe and it could be taking a bigger toll than we’d all like to think. Fact is, even if Hughes is able to fight Serra in the future, Serra might just not be in top form. And lets face it, Matt Serra needs to be in top form to face off against Matt Hughes, I mean who are we kidding?

To sum things up

So the UFC decided to create a buzz between Serra and Hughes and put them on the TUF series, making us wait a hell of a long time to see Serra defend his belt. Fair enough. Obviously the TUF series this year isn’t nearly as good as earlier seasons but I sat through it, was fairly entertained, and now I want my main event match up. I agree I am playing the role of selfish MMA fan since so many believe that GSP vs. Hughes is just as good, if not better than a fight against Serra. And on paper I agree with these people but, while my brain knows that Hughes would probably roll through Serra and should really fight someone like GSP to make for a more impressive battle, I just cant shake the fact that I will not get to see two people settle a score like I thought I would and that, to put it nicely, pisses me off. Absolutely I will be watching GSP vs. Hughes with great anticipation, who wouldn’t? But if we never get to see Serra face off against Hughes….well that’s a disappointment no matter how you slice it.


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