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How Roger Huerta Saved My Saturday Night

Around 4 o’clock last Saturday afternoon I was on the phone arguing with a buddy of mine as to how we were going to spend our evening.  We could either hang out in one of our glamorous basements to watch the TUF Finale, or head to the bar which was showing the Mayweather-Hatton fight for a reasonable cover charge.  In my mind the decision was obvious.  Since the boxing PPV is significantly more expensive to order than the bar cover, and the TUF Finale is going to be shown on Cable for free, I suggested we hit the bar for the boxing match and DVR (thank god for DVR) the TUF Finale.  It would have been nice if the bar were to show the TUF Finale on the smaller televisions in addition to the boxing PPV, but that just wasn’t happening.  After much arguing with said friend, I found myself alone in my decision to hit the bar for the highly anticipated Mayweather-Hatton fight.

Hear me out

I am not a huge boxing fan, I admit. In fact, I almost always shy away from boxing when flipping through the Versus channel and wait until they show some WEC.  However when it comes big matches like these I just can’t stand to miss a fight.  After all how often do highly anticipated boxing matches come along these days? Maybe once a year? Additionally, I followed the HBO series “Mayweather-Hatton 24-7” religiously and was eagerly awaiting their confrontation, hoping for an unexpected but optimistic Ricky Hatton victory.  Now don’t get me wrong, if Mayweather-Hatton were to interfere with the UFC 79 card or any UFC PPV really, then I would have to go with the MMA card. But this was not the case.  So I made sure to record the TUF Finale and proceeded to meet up with my brother, the only person I could find willing to stick it out with me at the bar.

Not as fun

At the bar, you could say things were a tad one sided as to who was rooting for who.  I may very well have been one of the 12 Hatton fans in the crowd; compared to about 200 Mayweather supporters (it was a big bar/restaurant.) Finally after two appetizers, four rounds of beers and thirty rounds of under card fights, Mayweather- Hatton had begun. For those who didn’t see or read about the fight, Hatton came out strong but as the fight progressed, Mayweather started to do what he does best: systematically pick opponents apart.  By the tenth round, a clearly struggling and out classed Hatton was knocked down once and then once more only moments later.  There was no eleventh round. Leaving the bar also proved to be more difficult than I imagined, having to navigate around jumping and screaming Mayweather fans who wanted nothing more than to rub their victory in my clearly disappointed face.  I was aggravated and cold and tired.  Things couldn’t really get much worse.

Could they?

Back at home, all I wanted to do was sleep and think about how things could have gone differently for Hatton, if he had just listened to the advice I was shouting at him through the T.V.  After I sat and festered for a minute, I thought why not fire up the DVR and check out the TUF Finale, after all it couldn’t be any worse than the boxing match…right? I sat through the first few bouts and was fairly unimpressed but entertained nonetheless. However my interest began to peak as Jared Rollins and Jon Koppenhaver started to beat the living hell out of each other in what turned out to be a classic MMA back and forth bloodbath. Though others in my house were asleep, I began shouting at the screen for the second time that night, managing to forget about the disappointing boxing match which had plagued my evening thus far.

After watching Jon Koppenhaver pull out that crazy TKO Victory, I found my spirits suddenly brought back to life…and I don’t even like either of those fighters.  It was just refreshing to see a great battle with no care for who won or lost. Guida-Huerta was a different story however.  I absolutely hate Clay Guida (don’t ask me why, I just do…maybe it’s the hair) and am a huge Roger Huerta fan, I think he may even be our next lightweight champ somewhere down the line.  So I was debating whether or not to save the main event for another day, hoping to avoid further disappointment should Huerta lose the fight.  After all the Danzig-Speer final showdown wasn’t exactly highlight material and I thought it might be time to call it a night.


But I was still riding pretty high on the adrenaline rush from the Rollins-Koppenhaver fight and some flat Mountain Dew, so I decided to let the DVR roll through to the Huerta- Guida match and see what happens. The fight begins and in a fashion similar to Ricky Hatton, Roger Huerta starts off strong but was by no means dominating.  I remained confident in Huerta until things turned ugly late in the second round, where Huerta found himself absorbing an onslaught of punches from the bottom.  I even contemplated turning off the television right then and there so I wouldn’t have to witness Huerta getting grounded and pounded out.  But luckily that’s not what happened.  Huerta weathered the storm and managed to defend himself against a menacing Clay Guida.  Round three began and before I could worry about losing that ten dollar bet I made with my friend (which picked Huerta to win obviously) Roger Huerta began to unleash his own brand of high kicks and well timed combinations which Guida clearly wanted no part of.  Guida then went in for the take down, got reversed, and Huerta was able to take his back and sink in a nasty rear naked choke in true champion form.

Simply put: What. A. Fight.  I know I said earlier that I don’t like Clay Guida and I probably never will.  But I respect his ability inside the cage and Huerta’s victory, along with my Saturday night redemption, certainly would not have been as sweet if Guida hadn’t put up such a fight.  While there weren’t any crowds of Clay Guida fans cheering against me, and even though Huerta’s victory by no means takes away Ricky Hatton’s loss, my Saturday night had been saved and I could now rest easy, knowing that Roger Huerta finally listened to my advice which I painstakingly shouted through the television.


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