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Paul Daley Wants KJ Noons After He ‘Knocks Out Scott Smith’ at Dec. 4 Strikeforce

Paul DaleyPaul Daley won’t make his Strikeforce debut against fellow slugger Scott Smith until Dec. 4, but the former UFC welterweight contender is already eying matchups with KJ Noons and champ Nick Diaz after a predicted knockout of “Hands of Steel”:

“Obviously first it’s Scott Smith and to get him out of the [title] picture real quick and then really I just want to take these names that Strikeforce has en route to the title or the people that I think are going to present me with the most challenge. Without being disrespectful to [Evangelista] Cyborg or [Scott] Coker, I don’t think that a fight with Cyborg is something that I am looking for at the moment. I would rather fight K.J. Noons, Nick Diaz straight away or Tyron Woodley, which is maybe not a bigger name but I respect him and I think a fight with him will not only be a challenge for me but it will be an exciting fight. But ideally I’d like to fight Noons after I knock out Scott Smith. It makes it a more fun fight because I respect Scott Smith, because I feel like I am familiar with them because I have watched a lot of their fights. I know how they operate and have a lot of knowledge on that person, rather than someone I don’t admire.”

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