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The Ultimate Fighter 6 Finale Official Fighter Salaries

The Nevada State Athletic Commission has released the official fighter salaries for The Ultimate Fighter 6 Finale.

Keep in mind that the numbers listed below are strictly the reported salaries and do not include sponsor payments, fees, and bonuses. All of the winning fighter’s salaries are composed half of a base salary and half of a win bonus.

  • Roger Huerta ($38,000) def. Clay Guida ($11,000)
  • Mac Danzig ($16,000) def. Tommy Speer ($8,000)
  • Jon Koppenhaver ($16,000) def. Jared Rollins ($8,000)
  • George Sotiropoulos ($16,000) def. Billy Miles ($8,000)
  • Ben Saunders ($16,000) def. Dan Barrera ($8,000)
  • Troy Mandaloniz ($16,000) def. Richie Hightower ($8,000)
  • Matt Arroyo ($16,000) def. John Kolosci ($8,000)
  • Roman Mitichyan ($16,000) def. Dorian Price ($8,000)
  • Jonathan Goulet ($14,000) def. Paul Georgieff ($8,000)

The total disclosed payroll for the event was $239,000.


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