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Antonio Rodrigo Noguera Aims for August Return at UFC: Rio, Welcomes Brock Lesnar Fight

In an exclusive interview with Dave Franklin of, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira gave some insight on his current medical status, 2011 plans and on a possible opponent for his return.

On his injuries and hip surgery:

This is an injury I have had for about 4 years. For the past 2 years it has been bothering me a lot. I have been training for all the last fights I had, and it was very painful. My last 3 fights were very painful,” Nogueira revealed. “To tell you the truth, when I was training in 2005, I felt it a little bit in my hip but it wasn’t that much. 2006 it hurt me. When I trained for the Couture fight it hurt me so bad, then this year it was impossible for training. After Anderson Silva’s fight when he fought Chael [Sonnen], I was there in the group and from there I had training the next day and I couldn’t walk, so I went to Colorado [to see a doctor]. My physical trainer told me [the doctor in Colorado] was the best hip doctor in the world, Dr. Philippon.”

“I had [arthoscopic surgery] in my hip, just to clean it up. I had some extra bone, a piece of bone, inside the joint so they just cleaned it up.  They tried to fix the cartilage inside the hip to put everything in place, The hardest part is that I got to be out about 6 weeks on crutches.”

Nogueira’s issues effect both of his hips and thus he is required to get both of them fixed. While his doctor recommended he wait two months between the surgeries, Nogueira underwent his first surgery in Mid-December and plans to have the second surgery done later this month. When asked why Nogueira would rush the second surgery, his answer was simple:

“That’s my goal [the UFC’s August Rio De Janero event]. I even want to fight before that, but to fight in Brazil – that would be awesome. That’s my goal. That is why I tried to do both surgeries close together,”

When asked about a possible opponent for the August event, Nogueira smiled and stated:

“If they give me Brock I would be ready to fight him.”

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Pictured: Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira


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