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Matt Hughes Not Impressed with Georges St-Pierre, Says UFC Champ is Boring and Overpaid

UFC hall of famer and former champion Matt Hughes recently updated his blog to say Georges St-Pierre’s recent title defense over Josh Koschek was boring and that the welterweight champ is playing it safe because he’s overpaid:

Well, I haven’t talked to you guys since the GSP fight so I’m going to say this, even though I’m going to piss a bunch of people off. To me the GSP fight was boring and I’m even going to tell you why I think it was boring: because I believe GSP is on defense.

Number one, he doesn’t want to lose the belt and, number two, I think the UFC is paying him too much money and he doesn’t want to lose that either. I don’t know what’s going on in his mind; but he just doesn’t seem like he wants to finish anybody.

One cannot help but remember a similar situation that occured after UFC 63 in 2006, when GSP famously told Hughes he was not impressed with his performance, though a title fight was being hyped and this time there’s no potential fourth fight in the works between the rivals.

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