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Fabricio Werdum: I Have The Weapons to Win Strikeforce Grand Prix

Fabricio WerdumWith a rematch against Strikeforce heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem looming, top contender Fabricio Werdum recently spoke to Brazilian MMA site Tatame about his return from elbow surgery and shared his thoughts on the rematch and Strikeforce’s upcoming heavyweight grand prix.

On his return from surgery:

“I’m totally recovered [from injury], but I [am] still [not at] my best physically. I’m training enough to get it back. Everyday I go to Huntington Beach to train with Rafael (Cordeiro). I train with him from 11am to 1pm every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I have a special training with Jason Miller and Mark Muñoz. We do [sic] sparring and train wrestling with Muñoz.”

On his upcoming rematch with Strikeforce heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem:

“The expectations are as high as they can get. Being [well] trained I can fight anyone. I’ve changed my [mindset]. Before I entered there thinking about my opponent, now I get there thinking of me, how I’ll get to him and what I can do. We both evolved a lot. Overeem evolved a lot on the floor and he’s stronger and more experienced. When we fought in 2006, I pretend to [strike] for a while, fooled him a bit (laughs). Now I’m training a lot my [striking] but it still isn’t good for me to bang with him. The guy has just won K-1, so I’ll try to go for the ground, because he was training his [striking] a lot and he didn’t have enough time to improve his ground game for this fight with me.”

“The fight will be very [tactical], it’ll be like the one of 2006 and I’ll catch him again, you can bet on it. I’ll beat him with my game plan and [smarts]. The longer it gets, the better it is for [me] because he has a background that proves he’s not [good for long fights]. I’ll tire him up, bring him to the ground and finish the fight.”

On the Fedor Emelianenko-Antonio “Big Foot” Silva fight:

“Fedor is hungry for a win, because he has just lost to me and he wants to win again. But I’ve talked to Big Foot and he also wants to win pretty bad. Between two heavyweights, anything can happen, there’s [no] favorite. Big Foot is very tough, can handle much and has heavy hands.”

On who he believes will win the other side of the Grand Prix bracket:

“Kharitonov wins, because he’ll go for it the entire time. Arlovski is good when he’s attacking, but when he’s attacked he backs up and I bet the Russian will beat him. On the bout between Barnett and Rogers I’m 100% Barnett because once he put Rogers on the ground, he’ll turn him into a turtle (laughs).”

On his chances in the Grand Prix:

“It’d be a dream come true [winning] this GP. I’ve fought only one GP, which was Pride’s, in 2006, when I beat Overeem on the first phase and then lost to Minotauro on the second one. Back than I lacked experience, but today, being trained and more experienced, I have the weapons to win this GP.”

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