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The Day Has Come: UFC on Sportscenter

After Matt Serra’s UFC 69 win against Georges St. Pierre ESPN did the previously unthinkable and showed highlights of Serra’s win. TSN and other sports networks also picked up on the win marking the first time UFC highlights were shown on national TV immediately after an event.

After previous events, namely Randy Couture’s win over Tim Sylvia at UFC 68, ESPN aired highlights of the fight while interviewing “The Natural” but did so days later, not immediately following an event like they did on Saturday.

If this doesn’t show that the UFC has hit main stream success I don’t know what will but I this could actually be a sign of bigger things to come. The UFC has been negotiating with ESPN along with HBO in hopes of getting another distribution source in place to deliver UFC fights and highlights to an even bigger audience. If the negotiations are going in the way this highlight seems to indicate it may not be too long before we see the UFC on ESPN after all.

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