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Jacob Volkmann Plans to Take Advantage of Attention from Obama Comments

VolkmanAfter stating that President Barack Obama is “not too bright” in a post-UFC 125 interview with MMAFighting’s Ariel Helwani, UFC lightweight Jacob Volkmann says he is going to “roll” with the new found attention he has received.

Not even a visit from the Secret Service will deter him.

Volkmann, who called out President Obama after Helwani asked who he would like to fight next, told MMAFighting that he “never thought it would go this far. I thought maybe the president would hear about it. That’s about it. Not on the news.”

Volkmann told Helwani after his split decision win over Antonio McKee, regarding Obama, that “someone’s got to knock some sense into that idiot.”

Not only did the President hear about it, Volkmann’s comments have caused a wave of attention for the 30-year old fighter from Minnesota. That attention included a visit from the Secret Service while Volkmann was teaching a wrestling class.

“He just wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to D.C. to hurt the president,” Volkmann stated. “He said he was actually embarrassed to come in and question me. He saw the clip. He did a background on me. He knew I was no threat.”

While Volkmann was ultimately deemed to not be a threat to the President of the United States, the fighter, who also runs a chiropractic business, will not allow the new found attention to go to waste.

“The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno has already featured a skit about the incident and Volkmnan will also be appearing Fox Business network on Wednesday.

Volkman stated that his comments were based off of the new health care plan that President Obama has been pushing. Volkmann said that he knows the health care situation because of his chiropractic business and “he’s (Obama) making it worse.”

Volkmann, whose nickname is “Christmas” because of his resemblance to actor Jim Carrey in the film Dumb and Dumber, said that he will roll with the attention he’s receiving despite some hate mail.n

“My manager (Monte Cox) was like, ‘Keep it up,’ so I’m going to roll with it some more. I got a lot of e-mails (from people) saying they had never seen fighting before, and now they’re interested in it because of what I said.”

Volkmann is currently 3-2 in the UFC. He started his UFC career with two straight losses before dropping from welterweight to lightweight. Since then he has won three consecutive bouts including wins over Ronnys Torres, Paul Kelly, and McKee.

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