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My Predictions For UFC 79: Nemesis

Since I traditionally over-analyze fight predictions in my head before any major card, I figured why not put them to good use and share them with the loyal readers of So feel free to comment on how awesome or completely wrong my predictions turn out to be, and enjoy.

George St. Pierre vs. Matt Hughes (Interim Welterweight Championship)

Pretty much every prediction out there picked GSP to go right after Hughes and knock his block off a la their last battle. While I agree that Pierre will take it right to the former welterweight champ, I think he will do so in a calculated and well paced fashion. As for the mid-west farm boy, Hughes has been doing his research, watching GSP’s past fights and calculating his own weaknesses to develop a more well rounded game plan. Will it be enough to keep the tenacious Canadian from scoring the TKO again? Yes I believe it will be, but will it be enough for Hughes to win the fight? I think not. While both fighters can certainly go the distance without cardio getting the better of them, GSP will simply put on a better show during those grueling 25 minutes. And for that, I say George St. Pierre wins this one via unanimous decision at the end of five rounds. Click read more for the rest.

Wanderlei Silva vs. Chuck Liddell

First I just have to say, I think this match should have happened some time ago when both fighters ruled their respective promotions. Now that that’s out of the way lets break it down. Chuck Liddell actually possesses a great style to combat Silva’s aggressive approach. Liddell being primarily a counter-puncher should have a great opportunity to use his reach and catch Silva with those unorthodox but powerful haymakers. On the other hand, Silvas strikes are much more uniform, precise, and can come at you in a flurry which may also include some unforgiving elbows. If Silva can avoid the heavy hands and move around, he should be able to use kicks, knees and everything in between to wear down the Iceman much like Keith Jardine did in September. However is Silva gets ahead of himself it could spell problems since we all know that it still only takes one good shot from Liddell to end an evening. But there’s a problem with Liddell and it ain’t physical, it’s mental. While Liddell claims he is psychologically ready to take on the Axe Murderer, the sad truth is that mentally, Chuck isn’t ready to fight anything more than a heavy bag. After watching every Iceman interview I could find these past few weeks, the man just doesn’t sound or look as confident as a fighter should. Not that we need him to be the cocky-Matt Hughes type, but seriously, he didn’t convince me that he is ready for this fight. Liddell looked right into the camera in quite a few interviews and said in some fashion “I’m going to knock him out…” and while I heard and saw him say it, I just didn’t buy it. Chuck had a psychological disadvantage before fighting Rampage, before fighting Keith Jardine, and it’s the same for tomorrow’s match against Wanderlei. Bottom line: Chuck’s already lost this fight and it will only be a matter of time before his low hands fail him and Silva capitalizes. Remember, Silva isn’t afraid of Chuck and has the skill to back up his bravery. I say Silva scores the knockout sometime in the second round.

Ryoto Machida vs. Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou

Say what you will about Ryoto Machida, but the guy knows how to grind out victories even if it remains an unimpressive and ill-admired methodology. Rameau Sokoudjou is an absolutely tenacious competitor and given a different opponent, I’d say he would tear the man apart, but not Machida. Machida can grapple with the best of them and use his skills to not necessarily knock the other person out, but to nonetheless make them look worse on the judge’s scorecards. I really do hope that Sokoudjou can go out there and dominate, but I’m afraid that just isn’t going to happen. I doubt Machida will suddenly change his fighting style meaning Sokoudjou’s attack will be fairly neutralized. This match should also help decide where these fighters stand in the UFC landscape. If Sokoudjou pulls out the victory despite Machida’s grind ‘em out style, that’s huge respect for the fighter who only has five professional fights under his belt. If Machida wins it, he surely deserves a bit of a jump in the rankings and will unfortunately prove that he is indeed a top contender, despite being fairly unexciting to watch.

All in all, I say Machida wins via another unanimous decision…but I do hope I’m wrong on this one.

Rich Clementi vs. Melvin Guillard

Melvin Guillard is Mr. Entertainment inside the octagon and while he puts on a great show, that same aggressive nature gets the better of him when up against solid talent. Clementi surely is not as fast as Guillard but he’s also not as careless or risky with his fighting style. Eventually Guillard will probably make a mistake which Clementi will capitalize on. Probably a submission in round….3.

Eddie Sanchez vs. Sao Palei

This one almost seems like no-brainer for anyone who’s familiar with Eddie Sanchez. He isn’t a big name or extremely talented, but he has done just enough to secure a place in the UFC’s lackluster heavyweight division. Eddie’s past achievements and notable loss to Mirko Cro Cop make him an ideal sacrifice opponent to be defeated as soon as he steps into the cage. Palei is an aussie with crazy heavy hands and will probably TKO Eddie Sanchez some time in the first or second round. I’ll say second round just to be official.

James Irvin vs. Luis Cane

I don’t know Luis Cane but after researching him he seems like an absolute beast at 7-0, with six of those by way of TKO and one via submission. James Irvin on the other hand I am rather familiar and while the guy isn’t bad, he certainly doesn’t strike me as a dominating force. I’m going to go ahead and say that this Luis Cane fella wins via TKO round 2.

Tony DeSouza vs. Roan Carneiro

This is a tough one to call, with both fighters being world class grapplers, who’s to say who comes out on top. This prediction will be short since I really have no idea and your guess is as good as mine, but I’ll say DeSouza pulls a split decision.

Nate Mohr vs. Manny Gamburyan

Manny Gamburyan is the epitome of aggression and that little guy will probably shoot on Mohr immediately. Unlike Melvin Guillard, Manny manages to combine tenacity and expertise when he’s going to work on an opponent. It probably won’t be long before Manny secures a dominant position and works a submission or ground n’ pound. I say Gamburyan wins this one via submission in round 2.

Dean Lister vs. Jordan Radev

Jordan Radev has a problem, no matter where you go with Dean Lister he usually has the upper hand. You can’t stand too long with the guy before succumbing to a takedown and once it’s on the ground, you have to have some phenomenal submission and wrestling expertise to deal with him. While Radev I believe is a former Olympic wrestler, Dean Lister’s jiujitsu is just off the charts.  I say Lister scores a submission in the second round.

Doug Evans vs. Mark Bocek

Doug Evans is probably the better fighter though Mark Bocek is no slouch when it comes to submissions. Long story short, this fight goes to a decision with neither being able to finish the other off. I’ll say Doug Evans gets the unanimous decision.


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