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Former UFC Lightweight Dan Lauzon Stabbed Outside Bar, Brother Joe Suffers Ankle Injury

Dan LauzonFormer UFC lightweight competitor Dan Lauzon reportedly suffered a deep stab wound to his shoulder early Thursday morning.

The incident occurred outside a Bridgewater, Massachusetts pub at around 1:00 AM.

According to The Enterprise, Lauzon was involved in a fight with a group of men in a bar parking lot. According to the report, the group of men wanted to show that Lauzon was not “as tough as he seemed”.

A friend who was with Lauzon stated that the altercation began at a nearby pub when the group of men began mocking Lauzon. Lauzon and his friend left the area to head to another bar but the group apparently followed them.

Lauzon was taken to the Brockton Hospital by the Bridgewater Fire Department to be treated for the non-life-threatening injury. The Bridgewater Police Department is currently investigating the incident.

Dan’s brother and current UFC lightweight, Joe Lauzon, reportedly rushed to the hospital upon hearing about his brother’s injury. According to a post on the fighter’s blog, Joe suffered a badly sprained ankle on the way out of his home:

“I was supposed to leave for Iraq for a goodwill military tour today so I was packing up all of my stuff. A little after 2am, I get a call saying my brother was on his way to the emergency room. I rushed out the door and ended up rolling my ankle on the walkway, fell to the ground and then hobbled to my car. I got to the hospital and gimp walked my way into the ER and found Dan in one of the rooms. Luckily everything was okay and it wasn’t a big deal as was originally thought.

I went to the ER when I woke up this morning and got it xrayed. They said it wasn’t broken, but that it was a bad sprain. They told me to stay off it for a few days and no “work” for a week… then I explained to them what I do for “work” and they said no training of any kind for a little while longer than that.”

Joe further stated that he would be unable to fly out to Iraq as of now but hopes to be able to make the trip soon.

Dan Lauzon racked up two straight wins in the last quarter of 2010 in two separate independent promotions, after going 0-2 in the UFC. He is currently 14-4.

Joe Lauzon is coming off a “Fight of the Night” submission loss to lightweight contender George Sotiropoulos this past November at UFC 123.

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