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Fedor Emelianenko Will Honor Suspension, Sit Out Russian Sambo Championships

Fedor EmelianenkoUPDATE: According to the New Jersey Athletic Control Board (via MMAjunkie), Fedor Emelianenko will honor the medical suspension from his recent Strikeforce loss and won’t compete in the Russian Sambo Championships as originally reported below.

According to ESPN, Fedor Emelianenko is set to compete in the Russian National Championships for Combat Sambo and could face possible punishment from the New Jersey Athletic Control Board.

Fedor could face a suspension in response to violating a three-month suspension recently handed down by the NJACB for injuries sustained in his fight with Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva two weeks ago.

No comment was issued by the NJACB regarding the matter.

Fedor could be medically cleared before the competition by a doctor but must notify the NJACB of his clearance.

The reason for that suspension is due to the resemblance of Combat Sambo contests to MMA bouts. While in most competitions combatants wear shin and head guards, those devices are not failsafe in protecting against an already injured fighter.

Sambo (or SAMBO) is an acronym that, when translated, means “self-defense without weapons.” It was created in the early 20th Century to serve as the hand to hand training for Soviet soldiers and bodyguards. It was developed into a sport in 1938. Sambo competitions often resemble MMA competitions with strikes being allowed on their feet and submissions on the ground.

The event will take place this weekend in St. Petersburg, Russia. The World Championships take place month later in Moscow, Russia.


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