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“Strikeforce: Feijao vs. Henderson” Live Results

Dan Henderson and Rafael will have live results for tonight’s “Strikeforce: Feijao vs. Henderson” event beginning at 10pm ET.

The Showtime-televised event is headlined by light heavyweight champ Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante vs. Dan Henderson and also include women’s welterweight champ Marloes Coenen vs. Liz Carmouche, Tim Kennedy vs. Melvin Manhoef, and Billy Evangelista.

The “Strikeforce: Feijao vs. Henderson” results will be updated live below starting at 10pm ET:

  • Dan Henderson def. champ Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante via KO (punches) – Round 3, 0:50
    Strikeforce light heavyweight championship
  • Champ Marloes Coenen def. Liz Carmouche via submission (triangle choke) – Round 4, 1:29
    Strikeforce women’s welterweight championship
  • Tim Kennedy def. Melvin Manhoef via submission (rear naked choke) – Round 1, 3:41
  • Jorge Masvidal def. Billy Evangelista via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

This is your favorite intrepid moderator BSBiz on the floor in Columbus doing my best to provide you with the best round-by-round coverage possible. Please enjoy as much as I will.

Non-televised Undercard

JP Felty vs John Kuhner (Welterweight)

Round 1: Kuhner striking, take down. Catches a knee. Fakes a takedown, good strike. Up against the cage. Striking, Kuhner gets takedown, in full guard. Backs out, back in full guard. Not much doing. Lots of laying, we’re all praying for something to happen. Felty trying to inch his way out, but mostly sliding back to the cage. First boo birds arrive with twenty seconds left in the first round. MMAFrenzy scores the round 10-9 for Kuhner.

Round 2: Take down for Kuhner, works to the back, strikes from behind. Works to mount, re-takes the back. More strikes, but not a whole lot of aggression. Kuhner flattens the other guy out and continues to strike. Works to a choke, but not entirely secured. High mount to armbar/triangle. Slapped on tight with :45 to go. Felty goes unconscious. Fight over at 4:39. John Kuhner wins by knockout due to triangle choke.

Mitch Whitesel vs Marc Cofer (Middleweight)

Round 1: Opening strikes and Cofer goes for the clinch. Cofer is a Gracie student, so he comes out looking for a takedown. They break and come back to the center of the ring. The Columbus fight fans are not keeping it classy. Dan Miragliotta just took a nap. More clinching with Cofer doing the pushing. Reversal and re-reversal. takedown for Whitesel worked into front headlock. Works to guillotine choke and secures the tap at 3:55. Winner is Mitch Whitesel by tap due to guillotine choke.

Ian Rammel vs Brian Rogers (Middleweight)

Round 1: Headhunting shot by Rogers right off the bat. Your ref tonight is Greg Franklin, n case anyone wanted to know. Rammel is a wrestler, so if he can get in, he could do damage. He hasn’t been able to yet and has taken a couple nasty strikes. Leg kick for Rammel that is countered with a wicked right. Nice hard leg kick by Rammel and eats a left. He’s knocked down, but Rogers makes him stand up. Rogers has done that twice now. Rammel has not done anything effective yet. Circling, circling, feinting, Rammel eats a few more strikes. Crowd really wants to explode . Rammel gets knocked down and systematically pounded out by Rogers, who puts on some bizarre jaguar-type mask afterwards. It looks like a combination of a Predator mask and Luchador mask. Rogers wins by TKO at 4:23 of the first round.

Jason Freeman vs Jason Riley (Heavyweight)

Round 1: Lots of kicks to start the round. Mostly to the legs, but a couple to the head. Guys look like they’re feeling each other out. Good flurry by Freeman. Riley is a much bugger guy and drops him with a right. Freeman covers up and recovers, then Riley backs out. On restart, Freeman tags Riley with a nice left, drops him, then proceeds to pound him out, forcing a ref stoppage. Jason Freeman wins by tap due to strikes at 1:58 of the first round.

Billy Vaughan vs Jorge Gurgel (Lightweight)

Round 1: Opening bell rings and Gurgel catches a kick and traps Vaughan’s leg. In the ensuing scramble, Gurgel catches Vaughan’s head in a standing guillotine, works it to the ground and wins by submission. Jorge Gurgel wins by tap due to guillotine choke at 0:44 of the first round.

Josh Thornburg vs Roger Bowling (Welterweight)

Round 1: Our first non-Ohioan, Josh Thornburg is up. Roger goes for the takedown, but gets rolled and caught in an arm-in gui8llotine. Roger pushes him against the cage and gets out. He’s still in full guar and then slips to half guard.He traps Thornburg’s right arm in a modified crucifix and delivers some nasty shots. They stand up and Roger delivers several more nasty shots. They clinch again and Thornburg eats a knee to the jaw. Roger delivers another nasty left on the was out. Thornburg has got a chin on him, folks. Wicked stand up for Roger, but he can’t stop the fight. Roger might want to consider pacing himself so he doesn’t gas. Roger is in Thornburg’s full guard delivering strikes and slips to half guard. More ground and pound, but no finish.I forgot there are no elbows. Now Roger gest to mount, Thornburg rolls and Roger applies a choke, but Thornburg rolls out. Another modified crucifix, more punches, and the round ends. I can’t believe I actually have to score another round. MMAFrenzy scores the round 10-8 for Roger Bowling.

Round 2: Round 2 starts with a headhunting shot by Bowling, a clinch, then a nice Ouchi gari trip to half guard. Roger is being a bit more measured with his work and sort of works to an arm-in guillotine choke from the top from half guard. More modified crucifix and ground and pound. Thornburg recovers full guard. Shoulder strikes by Bowling and back to modified crucifix from half guard. Thonburg’s guard is not very good. More ground work by Bowling. Lather, rinse, repeat. More work by Bowling from half guard, and Dan Miragliotta has seen enough to stand them up. Thornburg shoots and is stuffed. Thornburg then delivers a nice left that Bowling shakes off. Thornburg performs a beautiful Kosoto gake trip and lands in mount, but Bowling sweeps him over and ends up in Thornburg’s guard. MMAFrenzy scores the round 10-9 for Roger Bowling.

Round 3: More striking, but nothing effective yet. The crowd is looking for Bowling to do something good. Thornburg with another Kosoto Gake, but Bowling sweeps yet again. He starts in side control, but Thornburg gets him back to full guard where Bowling is content to do some work. Moves back to half guard and delivers strikes. Bowling makes an effort to get to side control, but ends up in guard where Thornburg ends up putting a body triangle on. He releases it and it’s more of the same. The boo birds rain down until Miragliotta stands them up again. Bowling delivers a nice right followed by a head kick and then shoots and gets caught in a guillotine, but survives the round. MMAFrenzy scores the round 10-9 for Bowling and scores the fight 30-26 for Roger Bowling. It is announced that Roger Bowling wins by Unanimous Decision (30-27) x3.

Showtime Televised Fight Card

Billy Evangelista vs Jorge Masvidal (Lightweight)

Round 1: Ty Wheeler is your ref for this fight. Opening bell. Circling and Billy opens with a left. Jorge counters with a few straight jabs and Billy delivers a nice leg kick. Masvidal catches a kick and delivers a nice right to knock Billy down, and now they’re clinghing. Knees back and forth. Billy seems to be doing better damage with his knees. Ty’s voice is being piped through and he tells them to keep moving. Jorge exits with a nice knee to Billy’s head. Strikes from Masvidal, but gets his footwork wrong and ends up being taken down, however catches Billy Evangelista in a wrong sided, half guard guillotine. He gets back up, but is still pinned against the cage. More circling and Jorge catches a kick, trips Evangelista, but gets nothing out of it. Rather guarded strikes until Evangelista delivers a nice leg kick that did some damage. Round ends. MMAFrenzy scores the round 10-9 for Jorge Masvidal, but wouldn’t be surprised if the judges gave it to Billy Evangelista.

Round 2: Cautious strikes open the round until they clinch. Masvidal goes for a spinning take down, and ends up not getting it, but also delivered some good strikes in the way out. More circling and striking. Masvidal catches another kick ad sweeps the other leg. However he doesn’t really get anything. Stand back up and more strikes back and forth.Masvidal seems to be getting the better of the stand up exchanges. The pacce has slowed down a little bit and the natives are getting a little restless for no rek reason. Big right from Masvidal clips Evnagelista, but doesn’t knock him down. Evangelista goes for a single, but ends up getting caught in a head lock and eats a knee. Masvidal goes for another take down and finally gets it. He goes into a headlock position, but it allows Evangelista to regain his feet and clinch against the cage. Masvidal controls a little more standup popping Billy with a couple light rights as the round ends. MMAFrenzy scores the round 10-9 for Jorge Masvidal.

Round 3: Cautious opening by both fighters. Evangelista seems a little more willing to push the pace, and clips Masvidal downstairs. No real damage down and the fight is not stopped. Evangelista goes for a single, clinches, and eats an elbow on the way out. More striking, but no real damage. Evangelista can’t seems to get any sustained offense going. He goes for a kick, but eats a left. More clinch work that Evangelista is losing by being pressed against the cage. Masvidal seems to be looking for a trip, but backs out instead. The crowd gets restless yet again as Masvidal delivers another right. Masvidal is now content to use his better reach to pepper away and keep Evangelista outside and unable to get anything going. It may not be exciting, but it is working. Masvidal is doing an excellent job of winning the round by stymieing all of Evangelista’s efforts. The round ends in a clinch in the center of the cage. MMAFrenzy scores the round 10-9 and the fight 30-27 for Jorge Masvidal. The judges concur. Jorge Masvidal wins by Unanimous Decision (30-27) x3.

Melvin Manhoef vs Tim Kennedy (Middleweight)

Round 1: For those interested, also be sure to read our interview with Tim Kennedy before continuing. Now that you’re back, the fight can begin. Mark Matheny is your ref. He’s wearing a shell necklace. Ugh. Front kick by Manhoef to open. Kennedy shoots fo a leg, but Manhoef gets out. This time. More cautious circling.Front kick by Kennedy. Kennedy ducks under a right and goes for another take down, but is stuffed by Melvin. Kennedy does not appear to want to stand with him. Another nasty leg kick from Melvin. Kennedy goes for another take down, almost gets it, then finally does and lands in side control. Kennedy is being patient and moves into mount, then takes Melvin’s back. More rolling by Melvin, now strikes from Kennedy. Kennedy secures a choke and Melvin taps. Tim Kennedy win by submission due to Rear Naked Choke at 3:41 of Round 1.

Champ Marloes Coenen vs. Liz Carmouche (Women’s Welterweight Championship)

Round 1: Greg Franklin is again your ref. Inside leg gick to start the fight for Coenen. Carmouche may have trouble dealingn with a four inch height disadvantage. Strikes that seem fairly even. Coenen whistles a leg kick pas Liz’ head, then hits an inside kicks, circles, and delivers a counter right. Lots of circling, and a few leg kicks as well. Women seem to be pacing themselves, much to dismay of the “gentleman” behind me in the crowd. Coenen seems to be waiting for a counterstrike opportunity that isn’t really coming. Liz clinches and pushes Coenen against the cage, but gets reversed. She then re-reverses. And gets re-re-reversed. And so on. Not a whole log going on. Heels to the outside of Coenen’s leg followed by a Coenen foot stomp. Franklin separates them to much cheering. There are some unsavory comments coming from the crowd. Liz delivers series of strikes and Coenen returns the favor. Straight kick from Coenen straight to the sternum. The round ends with a flurry, but no significant damage. MMAFrenzy scores the round 10-9 for Coenen, but it’s really close.

Round 2: Round starts with dueling leg kicks and a right from Coenen followed by clinching against the cage. Coenen is working for a Thai clinch, but doesn’t get it. Liz works for a take down, but is caught in a guillotine. She slings Coenen down to the ground and gets her head out but is now caught in guard. Coenen is using her legs to grapevine from the bottom. Liz works her way to North/South position and delivers knees to the shoulder. In side control now and she delivers short hammer fists, then is almost caught in a leg lock. Moves to high mount and throws strikes. Coenen is defending well, but is too flat on her back and not moving enough. Round ends with Carmouche delivering double armed strikes from mount. MMAFrenzy scores the round very solidly 10-9 for Liz Carmouche.

Round 3: Round basically starts in a clinch with Liz delivering foot stomps and dirty boxing. More foot stomps and knees to the outside of the legs. Coenen goes for Kosoto Gake, but doesn’t get it. Still clinched on the cage and the crowd gets restless. Now Liz gets Kosoto Gake and is in side control. Knees to the side, then gets mount. More strikes from above and if she were smart, she would throw in an occasional attempt for Udi Garame as well. The pigs in the audience are happy. More strikes and the round ends. MMAFrenzy scores that round 10-8 for Liz Carmouche.

Round 4: Showed a stat: Carmouche has landed 211 strikes to Coenen’s 42. Coenen gets a take down, but didn’t get anything. She comes in for a strike, but Liz jumps up, drives her into the cage and secures a take down and catches Coenen catches Liz in a triangle and secures the victory. Marloes Coenen retains her title by submission due to a triangle choke at 1:29 of the fourth round.

Champ Rafael Feijao vs. Dan Henderson (Light Heavyweight Championship)

Round 1: Dan Miragliotta is your ref. Loud “Hendo” chants followed by a nasty leg kick from Feijao. Very cautious opening for both guys. Very cautious circling and Nendo lands a right, but is then caught and dropped, but recovers in time to catch Feijao and land in his guard. I think he’s thrown a couple elbows to Feijao’s legs, but not really anything else. He’s now received a second warning to do something. And they get stood up. More cautious circling and a clinch favoring Hendo. Still not a whole lot of action. The guys are warned to do something and Hendo delivers a right to the ribs followed by duelling knees. More dirty boxing and clinch-circling. They are separated and the round ends with them cautiously eyeing each other. MMAFrenzy cautiously scores the round 10-9 for Hendo, but isn’t convinced.

Round 2: Round starts with both men throwing, but nothing really landing very well. Clinch work favoring Hendo, but nothing very active. Hendo goes for a coulple take downs, but doesn’t get them, delivers a knee to the gut, then completes a take down. He moves to side control, but loses leg position and gets reversed to having Feijao in his guard. Not a whole lot going on still with Hendo isolating Feijao’s left arm and Feijao not really staying especially active. Ref stands them up and Feijao whistles a head kick that misses. Hendo throws a few punches that miss then goes for a Super Man punch that kind of hits and then Hendo Greco-Roman tackles Feijao to the ground. It has been a rather slow, tactical fight which has been to the immense benefit of Dan Henderson. MMAFrenzy scores the round 10-9 for Dan Henderson.

Round 3: Start out throwing punches but nothing lands solidly. Then they clinch and separate. Henderson throws a straight right that appears to clip Feijao, spinning him around and landing on his stomach. Then Hendo jumps on his back and pounds him out for the win and is the new champion. Dan Henderson wins the Strikeforce Light Heavyweight title at 0:50 of the third round by TKO due to ref stoppage.

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