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“Strikeforce: Feijao vs Henderson” Post-Fight Press Conference News and Notes was in attendance at last night’s post-fight press conference for “Strikeforce: Feijao vs. Henderson and here’s a rundown of what was announced:

  • During the main card on Showtime, all televised fighters were trending on Twitter.
  • Announced paid attendance was 7,123 ( can add that only the lower bowl of Nationwide Arena was open and it was not full).
  • Jorge Gurgel: Wanted to get in an out of the fight with no damage, but felt like he didn’t deliver because he barely broke a sweat. He felt it was good to be fighting in Ohio in front of Ohio judges and referees because they wouldn’t screw him. He admitted to letting off the guillotine a little bit to see if Billy Vaughan would want to try to back out and continue to fight; Billy didn’t back out, so he finished the choke. In preparation for the fight, his striking coach moved into his house, so he trained hard. He would like to fight again soon, but declined to call any one out. His wife (Zoila Frausto) fought Saturday night at Bellator 35 and also. According to Jorge, she “didn’t take too much damage to the face, so I’m hoping for sexy time later.” Jorge said that he felt disrespected a bit by being on the undercard. His students from his gym in West Chester, Ohio accounted for 400 tickets (his figure), but thinks he should be on the televised card. He and his wife used the same nutritionist, coaches, and trained very hard together and pushed each other in training.
  • Jorge Masvidal: He said he followed his trainers’ gameplan exactly and kept moving using his reach and speed. He felt his timing was off in the cage due to ring rust. He heard the boos, but continued to work his counter-fighting and was not surprised the fight went the distance. He just wants to keep on winning and would like the next toughest guy in the lightweight division, although he wasn’t sure who that was.
  • Billy Evangelista: Had a significant amount of trouble with Jorge Masvidal’s movement and complimented Jorge’s movement. At one point, he got his on the eye with a jab, and had a bit of trouble afterwards finding Jorge. Said he had trouble getting into a rhythm because of Jorge’s reach and movement.
  • Liz Carmouche: She felt her conditioning was good for having taken the fight on two week’s notice. As far as the triangle, she felt she just got caught and it happens. She will be back to training on Monday, so no time off. When asked if she might have tapped in the second round while in the guillotine choke, she said she definitely did not. She will take whatever fight is offered to her next. She also said she was not surprised by her performance and just wants to push herself. She felt the biggest challenge presented by the fight was balancing school and training and passing her exams (she did). She said she is a kinesiology major and would like to be a trainer herself after she finishes school. She felt she was close to finishing Marloes in the third and hopes that the close fight will keep her close to the top. The fact that she threw so many punches through the first three rounds was not a factor in the submission loss, but rather she just got a little overconfident about her ability to escape. Going forward, the feels one of her biggest challenges to continuing her career is finding the ideal balance between school and training. When asked if she would rather have a title fight or a 20 mile road march (she spent seven years in the US Marine Corps), she smiled and said she’ll take a title shot any day of the week. She also said she’s planning on staying at 135lbs from here on out.
  • Tim Kennedy: Had a great plan with Greg Jackson (in attendance at the conference, but in the back of the room). He said Melvin Manhoef got tired and that if Manhoef had gotten up after one more time, he (Manhoef) would have been knocked out. He admitted he was partly an idiot for wanting to stand up with Manhoef, but he would have been killed by Jackson if he’d tried it for too long. Part of the plan was to wear Manhoef out by pushing takedowns. Upon being asked why he’d called Robbie Lawlor out after the fight, he said that if people in power don’t feel he’s worthy of another fight with Jacare, then he wants the next toughest guy in the division and that is Robbie Lawlor. Someone asked where he thought Jason “Mayhem” Miller was, Kennedy smiled and said he was about three rows back and off to the right of the exit ramp. He then noted that it would have been those two throwing punches for fifteen minutes until one of them fell and that he would have enjoyed it and it would have been enjoyable for the fans as well. Kennedy feels that the most important thing is that the troops overseas are the most important obligation he has and that he feels like he’s wasting his time if he’s not either fighting in the cage or serving overseas. He says he’d be ready to fight again very soon and when it was pointed out that there was a card in June in Texas, he smiled and said he wasn’t a big fan of Texas judges, but if that’s where the fight is, he’ll be there. He said that his wife and he have a timeline for how long he will continue to fight and being champion will not affect that timeline at all. He also said he wants to finish his career in the military.
  • Dan Henderson: The Showtime gentleman running the press conference noted that Henderson was trending #5 on Twitter and Henderson noted that that was one of his goals for the evening. He said he wasn’t worried about going against someone bigger and stronger than him because his wrestling career was predicated on using positioning and technique to conserve energy and strength. He wasn’t saying he’s weak because he’s now 40, but that technique will overcome some things. He never felt overmatched because he’s big on the inside. He definitely got hurt by Feijao in the first round. He knew Feijao kicked and punched hard, so he was going to try to wear him out a bit in the first two rounds. The championship was the cherry on top of the fight and he likes cherries. He also still feels like he can compete with anyone. When asked about changing weights, he said he always feels better at 205 and had something going on in his body last time he cut down to 185 (Jake Shields fight). He’s not opposed to changing weights, but feels good at 205. He said there was no extra motivation to go against another Black House fighter. He said it was nothing personal, just a fight. He said he had to be patient with his punches and wanted to make sure he got them in well. He then wanted to know if it was time for a beer.
  • Rafael Feijao: Said Henderson was a really tough guy. He knew the right hand would be coming from the outside and the one that connected was mean. He did his best and will go back home, get back to the gym and will come back stronger than ever. When asked if he had officially changed his name from Cavalcante to Feijao, the Showtime man confirmed that it was changed for promotional purposes on this card and had not been changed officially.
  • Marloes Coenen: Said that Liz Carmouche is very talented and will likely be that women’s welterweight champion some day soon. She appreciated that the referee did not end the fight in the third round. She said the fact that Liz was relatively new to the game was something that may have been the difference in the fight. She also said that Meisha Tate is on her list and that she will come get her after the fight. She also hoped Meisha sleeps well tonight. She said the game plan was to be on top the whole fight and the next time she will do that better. She hadn’t heard of Liz before the the fight, but when she saw the tape on her, it was clear that Liz was very strong and very tough and the fight confirmed that. She said the defense of the title was more important to her than actually winning it. She is up for going back up to 145 and would definitely be up for Cyborg again. When asked if her comment of “A fighter fights any time” was a shot at Meisha Tate, Marloes just smiled and said we could read into that whatever we wanted. She believes Showtime and Strikeforce both do a great job of promoting women’s MMA in the US. She wants female fighters to assume more of a role model status and that will get girls into gyms earlier. She is not opposed to moving to the US from the Netherlands, but would need her entire Golden Glory camp to move also.
  • Also of note was that UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva was in attendance in support of fellow Black House fighter “Feijao” and spent Feijao’s portion of the presser sitting next to me (literally in the seat next to mine). He appeared to be watching intently and quietly talking to someone on a push-to-talk phone plan in Portuguese a couple times. Ed Soares was sitting front and center in the press area and translated a couple convoluted questions for Feijao.


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