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Rumor: UFC and Budweiser Close To Deal

The UFC and beer-giant Budweiser could be nearing a major sponsorship deal reports Adam Swift of MMA Payout. The rumored deal, which remains very fluid, reportedly began after a potential UFC deal with CBS stalled. In recent months critics have cited the UFC’s failure to attract mainstream advertisers as a sign that the sport is not yet being fully accepted despite its stellar growth in advertiser-coveted demographics.

UFC 79 in late-December presented a marked change over previous UFC events with ads for motorcycle manufacturer Harley Davidson occupying prominent locations in the center of the octagon mat and during the UFC 79 broadcast. Previously the slots were primarily filled with ads for struggling-energy drink maker Xyience.

The UFC also recently signed an advertising deal with Lumber Liquidators though a potential deal with Budweiser would be the sports largest and most-mainstream to date.


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