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Dana White Offers Mayweather Big Money to Face Sherk

According to Sam Caplan, Dana White informally offered boxer Floyd Mayweather big money to take on UFC lightweight champion Sean Sherk, likely under MMA rules. Here’s a clip from the post on the offer which was announced on the radio program “Bubba the Love Sponge”:

UFC president Dana White was a guest on The Bubba the Love Sponge Show today and discussed numerous topics. Bubba asked Dana about comments Floyd Mayweather made about the UFC and its light heavyweight champion, Chuck Liddell.

White mentioned his previous statement about him offering Mayweather $1 million if he can draw more than 10 fans for a fight that didn’t involve Oscar De La Hoya. Obviously, that offer is in jest but the UFC president issued a new offer, one that sounded much more serious. White said the UFC would offer $2 million to Mayweather if he agreed to fight the promotion’s lightweight champion, Sean Sherk. It sounded as though White would clearly want the fight to take place under MMA rules.

I would like to see this fight for the sole reason that a win by a mixed martial artist over a famous boxer would give the sport lots of publicity and would also shut up a lot of people who are constantly criticizing the UFC and MMA.  I have come to grips that this fight won’t happen, at least not anytime soon, but it is interesting to think about none the less.


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