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Chael Sonnen’s Indefinite Suspension Upheld by CSAC

Chael SonnenThe California State Athletic Commission voted on Wednesday to uphold its indefinite suspension of Chael Sonnen handed down for alleged false statements the UFC middleweight made at his December appeal of a failed drug test.

The vote means Sonnen will not be able to reapply for a California license until June 29. Sonnen would be allowed to apply in other states, but it is unlikely he would be granted a license.

Sonnen’s defense revealed that he had been chosen as a possible coach for the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter opposite Michael Bisping for a number one contender’s bout. This possibility is all but over after today’s ruling as the Nevada State Athletic Commission recognizes suspensions of other states and would still have to plead his case to the NSAC for his potentially false comments about┬áNSAC executive director Keith Kizer.

Keith Kizer, CSAC executive director George Dodd, and Sonnen were called for testimony in Wednesday’s hearing.┬áSonnen’s defense placed most of the blame on Sonnen’s manager and trainer Matt Lindland, who was absent due to an upcoming fight in Poland.┬áCalifornia Deputy Attorney General Karen Chappelle stated that Sonnen “always has someone to blame” and that he could not be trusted. All the commissioners believed that Sonnen’s statements to the CSAC discredited MMA in general. The final vote was 4-1 for the suspension to be upheld by the CSAC

Sonnen indicated in his testimony that his failure to secure a license today could prompt retirement.

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