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UFC Chatter: Lesnar-Mir Observations, Surprises

Everyone knew going in that Lesnar was a huge guy, but so is Mir. Questions about how Mir, who is listed at 6-4, would look next to Lesnar were answered at the weigh-in. Even though Lesnar is listed at 6-2 ½, he was slightly taller than Mir. At 265 pounds, he looked gigantic next to Mir, who weighed in at 255. Lesnar will likely be closer to 275-280 come fight time.

This week brought a few other surprises. The first is that Lesnar has a freakish reach for a man of his height. The second is he is only the second man in the history of combat sports in Nevada to wear size 4XL gloves, the other being South Korean giant Choi Hong-man, who is 7-3 and 367 pounds.

Lesnar is guaranteed $250,000, the highest of anyone on the show, plus has a $200,000 win bonus. Generally speaking, most UFC headliners earn substantially more than their contracted guarantees. Mir, who has a chance to revitalize his career with a win, has a $40,000 guarantee with a $40,000 win bonus.

Dave Meltzer discusses tonight’s highly anticipated heavyweight bout between former UFC champion Frank Mir and former professional wrestler Brock Lesnar in a recent article on Yahoo! Sports.


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