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Cro Cop Provides Some Insight


According to the website (via MMAJunkie) Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic has stated that he will indeed return to the octagon after competing in Japan with the new DREAM promotion. Cro Cop also shed some light on his departure from the UFC and says that he has not inked with another organization:

“ White obviously thought that I am still on holiday, but I have informed him that I am still training and that I want to fight already in March. However, the UFC could not find me an adversary, and I did not want to break my training and start another cycle to fight in May. Apart from that, I was hungry of fighting and tense like a dog…..Shortly after speaking to White, I received the call from the managers of Dream. I have not signed any contract with them, but we just arranged three fights in March, July and September. I never signed any contracts with Japanese. We arranged everything verbally and we never had problems.”

Additionally, Cro Cop attempted to explain the psychological and perhaps philosophical factors behind his lackluster UFC performances:

“Obviously fell into some psychological crisis. Even in the first fight against Sanchez it was visible I was not the old Mirko. Maybe I was fulfilled with the Grand Prix title. It is hard to explain. I only know that I did not have that killing instinct. I lost 5 kilos before the performance, and trainings went bad. On the day of the fight against Kong I woke up and thought “what do I need this for, why do I fight with a man I have never seen before’, I had enough of it.”

Lastly, Mirko appears to have no patience for those who feel that his departure is nothing more than a Cro Cop-out (pun intended):

“I do not care how people will understand this, I do not have to respond to anyone. I have already mentioned that I will take part in three fights for Dream, and that then I will return to the UFC. And to all internet know-it-alls I say to put gloves on and to enter the ring or the cage themselves before insulting whatever fighter. I repeat, I am not avoiding the UFC, and will come back by the end of the year.”


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