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When looking at the current champions in the UFC you will notice a similarity among them. That similarity is their record. Rampage Jackson (28-6), George St. Pierre (15-2), and Anderson Silva (20-4) have all fought less than 35 times in their professional careers yet are recognized as seasoned veteran champions in the top MMA promotion in the world. Most UFC fighters have less than 50 career fights.

Jeremy “Gumby” Horn is a legend in MMA that still somehow stays under the radar. Most long-time MMA fans know him well though many new fans have no idea who he is. Horn is one of the most experienced fighters in MMA at just 32-years-old. Earlier in his career Horn trained in Bettendorf, Iowa with Pat Militech but he now trains in Salt Lake City, Utah with his own camp, “Elite Performance”. His notable career wins include victories over Chuck Liddell, Forrest Griffin, Vernon White, and David Loiseau. He has also faced MMA notables Dan Severn, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, Renato Sobral, and Anderson Silva. In 1999 alone Horn fought 21 times losing just one contest. His current record stands at 88-17-5.

Jeremy was kind enough to share his thoughts with me on the current MMA landscape, his contract status, where he sees his career going, and more. Enjoy the interview…

FixXeR– What are your predictions on the upcoming UFC matchup between Dan Henderson and Anderson Silva?

Jeremy Horn– I think that’s a tough fight for both of them. It depends on who can push the fight into their strong point.

FX – Steroids have been in the news recently for other sports and there have been some fighters in MMA testing positive for performance enhancing drugs. What is your stance in this subject?

JH – It’s hard to criticize guys when they are fighting for a living. They are doing what they have to to compete. In a perfect world no one would use but this isn’t a perfect world.

FX – There has been a lot of controversy of the UFC on how they pay their fighters. Do you agree with the way fighters are being paid?

JH – I think as the fight world grows the fighters should be paid accordingly. I think the fighters are a bit behind the scale but they are getting more than they used to.

FX – With the recent blowup of the UFC, MMA has become very popular. What advice would you give to someone who wants to pursue mixed martial arts?

JH – The best thing to do is get with a good gym and take it slowly. Unfortunately promoters care more about records than skill.

FX – You have beaten such top name fighters such as Forrest Griffin, Josh Burkman, David Loiseau, Dean Lister, Vernon White, and handed Chuck Liddell his first professional loss. What would you say is your greatest achievement to date is?

JH – I’m still waiting on it.

FX – Do you still have any fights left under your contract with the UFC?

JH – I’m not under contract.

FX – With a professional record of 88-17-5 and only 32 years old, do you plan on fighting much longer, or are you just getting started?

JH – I’ve got a lot more to do in the sport still.

FX – Are there any young MMA fighters you see making a big impact in this sport in the near future?

JH – There are a lot of very talented guys coming up in the sport. It’s only going up from here

Thanks to Jeremy Horn for the interview. He is a class act. When asking him for the interview there was no hesitation at all and he gladly accepted. With the sport growing as much as it is, I hope that for us fans that new fighters learn something from fighters like Horn, Anderson Silva, and Rich Franklin. We fans don’t care how good or bad you fight at an event, it’s how you present yourself and respect everyone including your opponent.

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