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Tito Ortiz Gets Fired From The Apprentice

It took nine weeks of semi-entertaining reality television drama, but Tito Ortiz has finally been eliminated from “The Celebrity Apprentice“. Though Ortiz was praised for his performance throughout the program, his time had come as Donald Trump directed his famous “You’re Fired” line toward the former UFC champion., who had been following Tito’s performance thus far, provides a summary of how and why Tito got the axe:

“Once [in the board room], Omarosa, in her trademark fashion, tries to pin the blame on Ortiz [for their team’s loss]. Ortiz immediately defends himself and says he was only the team leader because Omarosa weaseled out of it. But, when Trump asks which team member leasts deserves to be fired, Ortiz says he’s going to be honest and picks Omarosa. So, Ortiz gets the ax instead.

Unlike most firings, though, Trump says he was thoroughly impressed with Ortiz’s performance on the show and that he isn’t happy to see him go. In fact, as a token of his appreciation, Trump awards Ortiz an additional $50,000 for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Although Ortiz is knocked out of the competition, he leaves knowing that he outlasted more than half of the 14-person cast and that he raised a total of $70,000 for his charity.”

Click here to see the video of Trump and Ortiz in the final boardroom meeting.


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