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Ortiz Finished With The UFC, Looks Toward Reality Series

It doesn’t look like Tito Ortiz has any plans of staying with the UFC according to a recent interview with Ortiz did state that he is definitely not considering retirement and, as one might expect, also sounded off on his dislike for the UFC and Dana White:

“I am not retiring, I’ll be fighting for at least another 3 more years….I am done with the UFC, I am done being taken advantage of and with being disrespected…I’ve been in the sport for 11 years I gave them a third of my life and they gave me no respect…It just shows the president Dana White is full of himself…his biggest victim is himself. I think he’s the person that’s going to ruin the company…he treats fighters horrible…I will never be taken advantage of by the UFC.”

Ortiz went on to discuss the legitimacy of Kimbo Slice as well as a potential rematch with Frank Shamrock. Click here to see the video.

Additionally, it was reported earlier in the week that Ortiz will be the host of the new reality series “Anytown Throwdown” which will air on the G4 cable network. The premise of “Anytown Throwdown” appears to be similar to that of “The Peoples Court” except for one small detail:

“The reality series allows contestants to settle a dispute in the most basic of ways: they duke it up. Ortiz, who serves as the show’s host, will train the participants during the build-up for each show-ending bout. However, the show’s producers are still figuring out the exact details of how the fights will be structured.”

“Anytown Throwdown” marks Tito’s third dabbling into reality television, after appearing as a coach on season three of The Ultimate Fighter and working for Donald Trump’s charity dollar on The Celebrity Apprentice.

Tito’s next and final fight on his UFC contract will be against Lyoto Machida at UFC 84.


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