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Revenge or Boxing Next For Anderson Silva?

In a recent interview with, Anderson Silva and Ed Soares (Silva’s manager) shed some light on Silva’s previous disqualification loss to Yushin Okami, a potential professional boxing crossover, and of course, the defeat of Dan Henderson at UFC 82:

“He really wasn’t able to do anything once he took me down, and that’s what everybody was saying…Standing up I picked him apart. I feel every part of my game was effective in this fight.”

Ed Soares adds that while Silva doesn’t have a whole lot to prove any more, the Spider still does not consider himself the best pound-for-pound fighter in the game:

“I don’t think there’s really anything else for him to prove. They say well, he’s never fought a jiu-jitsu guy. He goes out and submits Travis Lutter. They say that he’s never fought a wrestler. Well Nate Marquardt was supposedly the superior wrestler. He out-wrestled Nate Marquardt. Now he wrestled a two-time Greco-Roman Olympic guy in Dan Henderson. I don’t really think there’s anything else out there for him to prove, man…. He doesn’t consider himself the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world and he feels that the only time he’ll be able to consider himself the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world is after he’s retired.”

As rumored in the past, Silva just may make a name for himself outside of the cage and inside the boxing ring, against the one and only, Roy Jones Jr:

“All these boxers out there talking s— how MMA fighters aren’t technical, well he’s willing to step up and fight them in their own game,” says Soares, who notes that the idea to challenge the aging Jones was the UFC champ’s. “So, if anything, he’s not trying to say there’s nothing to prove in MMA; he’s trying to plant a flag for every one of the fighters out there in the world that fight MMA.

Could Silva even get Jones? Locked in a UFC deal, Soares said that would be up to Dana White, but if they had their way the fight would get made.

“I think he’s a great boxer, one of the greatest boxers to ever box,” Silva says of Jones. “I would love the opportunity to test my skills against him.”

Lastly, Anderson expressed his feelings toward UFC middleweight contender Yushin Okami, who holds a disqualification victory over the Spider from a “Rumble On The Rock” event which took place in 2006. Apparently, Anderson was disqualified for employing an illegal (though effective) kick to the face from the bottom mount position. After taking the damage Okami chose not to continue, forcing his opponent to be disqualified. Silva responds to the incident:

“I feel it was a cheap, cowardly way of winning. People that were there saw that he was in the condition to come back and keep fighting, and he didn’t.”

Silva says he doesn’t “really think much of anything of Okami,” but the Brazilian was more poised when stuck under Henderson than he is when discussing the Japanese fighter.

“It wasn’t really a fight,” Silva describes the disqualification loss before adding that he doesn’t want to talk about it anymore.”

Watching the Spider box professionally at some point in the future would certainly be a treat, but I can only hope that Anderson Silva remains inside the octagon for at least his next fight.  Silva is always a huge draw for the MMA community, and a bout against Okami would be the next logical move, since he is the only person left in the UFC’s middleweight division who has any real business challenging Silva for the title.  The UFC should also be able to promote a Silva-Okami II grudge match fairly easily, which would no doubt make for a very marketable pay-per-view main event.

You can also check out Silva’s DQ loss on YouTube by clicking here.


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