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Shamrock Hype or Brotherly Hate? [Editorial]

Ken Sharock and Frank ShamrockLast week, Frank Shamrock made some not so nice comments about big brother Ken during an interview with MMAMadness. In the interview, Frank claimed that Ken has been using steroids “his whole life”. Ken has since issued a pretty standard statement addressing Frank’s comments. Here is a quick excerpt:

“I have been subjected to mandatory steroid testing countless times, and I have never tested positive for steroids, nor have I ever refused a test. Furthermore, my experience has always been that the promoters and fighters willingly comply with the drug testing mandated by the various athletic commissions.

The comments Frank made about me and about the industry itself are based purely on his personal opinion, not on facts. Frank should acknowledge that his comments were without merit and irresponsible, and apologize for the disparaging remarks he has made towards the fighters, promoters, and to the various athletic commissions who regulate MMA.”

Now if you read closely, you will notice that Ken only says that he has always passed his drug tests, he never specifically states that he has not used steroids.

Well, whether he did or didn’t is almost pointless to debate because as Ken said, he has never failed or even refused a drug test. If Ken did have some roid-using days while in the WWF, or even if Frank truly believes that Ken currently abuses performance enhancers, my question is why did he bring this up at all, now?

When further questioned about his steroid allegation toward Ken, Frank responded:

“I thought it was common knowledge…I thought everybody knew. I’ve never done it, and I’ve always kind of stood against it. I just think it’s a terrible thing to do to your body and mind, and to teach people to do that.

What do I gain from it…Probably nothing. Somebody asked me the truth, and I have a little truth Tourette’s — it just kind of flies out when people ask me.”

So, are Frank Shamrock’s comments merely spawn from brotherly hate or from a desire to hype the rumored Shamrock vs. Shamrock in 2009?

I would actually like to think that the former is the case, but unfortunately I am probably wrong. Personally, I could care less if Ken did in fact use steroids during his professional wrestling days. But the fact that Frank would make such an allegation now, out of nowhere, prompts me to believe that he is already trying to sell this fight. Though for Frank to start seriously hyping this match now seems a little premature, as he has a much more immediate bout with Cung Le this Saturday night which he should definitely be more concerned with.

As for Ken Shamrock, well after his fifth straight loss to Robert Berry earlier this month, many (including myself) were talking retirement for the world’s most dangerous man, let alone a bout with his younger, faster, stronger, and more obnoxious younger brother.

I believe that if Frank Shamrock actually loses to Cung Le this Saturday in San Jose, then Shamrock vs. Shamrock just may have a chance of happening after all. But if Frank pummels Cung like he says he will, then the bout with his older brother will hopefully have a better chance of flying out the window. The scary thing is, Ken Shamrock would indeed fight Frank for the right payday despite the fear of getting beaten on television by your own family. So if Ken is willing and Frank still wants to put it together after potentially losing to Cung Le, then fans drooling to see the brother vs. brother grudge match may finally get their wish.

I know I have said this before, but ever since the proposed “brother vs. brother” match came to light I have been opposed to the idea…and I still am. Sure five or six years ago, before Ken had ever taken that series of beatings from Tito Ortiz, I’d pay to see him and Frank square off. But now, I’d almost pay not to see it. It’s kind of disturbing that Frank Shamrock keeps pushing this bout when he knows how much of a mismatch it is, and its downright crazy for Ken to even consider it at this point in his career. Here’s to hoping that Frank wins on Saturday and keeps Ken out of his promoting endeavors.


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