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Nick Diaz Pulled From EliteXC Bout; Mike Kyle Gets Another Shot

Some of you may have noticed that Nick Diaz was not listed on the Strikeforce/EliteXC fight card that was posted the other day, and now there is a bit of a story building around that. Originally, it was reported that Diaz was taken off of the card by the CSAC due to “undisclosed reasons”, then word came out that Diaz had failed to submit his medical information in a timely fashion. However, it now it appears that Nick’s well documented marijuana habit has gotten the better of him once more:

“The issue, as described to him by Garcia, said Shaw, was Diaz’s prescription for medical marijuana, which is legal in California based on the Compassionate Use Act of 1996.”

Apparently, Diaz indeed has a medical prescription for marijuana to treat his Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, though CSAC executive director Armando Garcia is somewhat less than sympathetic. It should be noted however that Diaz never even got the opportunity to submit a test, it appears that he simply told the CSAC about his marijuana prescription at which point they pulled him from the card. I guess they assumed his confession was enough to indicate that he would test positive? I mean, if Diaz thought that he would test clean then why tell the CSAC anything at all?

EliteXC live events President Gary Shaw was also not too happy with the CSAC’s decision to pull Diaz, and might even take legal action:

“In taking Diaz off the card, Shaw said that Garcia had “overstepped” his bounds. He stated that Diaz was never tested for drugs and never tested positive. Shaw added that Garcia is not currently taking his calls….Shaw was also asked about legal action against the commission and said he will have his attorneys look into it. He did state that he believes that Diaz has a civil case. Shaw also added that Diaz will fight on June 14th in Hawaii.”

The EliteXC/Strikeforce card has already been through some trauma, first losing Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos then Jake Shields and now Nick Diaz. In an even further twist on tomorrow nights show, it was reported yesterday that a bout between Mike Kyle and Wayne Cole has been added to the San Jose event. This is interesting because of Mike Kyle’s last performance inside the cage, which stirred up quite the controversy to say the least. For those who didn’t see or don’t remember, Mike Kyle last fought Brian Olsen back in 2006 at WEC 20. Late in the first round, Mike Kyle utilized an illegal soccer kick to Olsen’s face, then continued to strike the downed opponent while additional referees attempted to restrain him. Even by MMA standards, Kyle’s actions were pretty barbaric and reprehensible.

And so it seems that the CSAC has little trouble pulling Nick Diaz off of a fight card without so much as a drug screening, yet sees no problem in giving malicious Mike Kyle another shot at MMA competition. Yeah, that makes sense.

For the latest fight card for the EliteXC/Strikeforce event CLICK HERE.


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