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Dana White Supports Underage MMA

CBS’s Early Show recently aired a segment that uncovered the sad truth about children as young as six not only training, but competing in full on mixed martial arts bouts. Interestingly enough, UFC President Dana White appeared on the segment and defended the practice, rather than reprimanding it. Instead of taking the high road and agreeing with the notion that children in single digits should not be competing in MMA, Dana defends the idea and comes off as a bit of a monster.

Though White actually maintains his calm and refrains from swearing during the segment, he still attempts to defend an idea which, in the eyes of most people, just cannot be defended. I understand Dana represents the sport and would likely defend it in all avenues until the day he dies, but I think a PR person should have given him a nudge in the other direction on this one. Dana’s arguments, broadcast on network television, probably caused more trouble than if he were to have not commented at all.

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(via Five Ounces of Pain)


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