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Rampage Says “Grow Up”

In various interviews over the past few weeks Quinton “Rampage” Jackson’s words were scrambled according to the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. The situation created a frenzy among many fans, especially those of Wanderlei Silva and Forrest Griffin, because the rumor mill was quoting Jackson as calling Silva “The Chump Murderer”, a play on his “The Axe Murderer” nickname, and saying Griffin has a weak chin.

Jackson has now set the record straight on the misquotes in an interview with Percy Crawford of Fight Hype.

In regards to his next opponent, Forrest Griffin, Jackson had this to say:

“I ain’t talking bad about nobody. I didn’t call him ‘Forrest Weakchin.’ If anything, I said I’m fighting Forrest Whitaker. I know inside stuff that people don’t know. I know Forrest gets knocked out at practice sometimes; I know Jardine knocked him out real quick and I know my boy ‘Sick Dog’ almost knocked him out and he wasn’ really even punching…. In what I do, we call that a weak chin.”

In regards to his comments about Silva he added:

“I didn’ call Wanderlei the ‘Chump Murderer.’ I ain’t never said nothing like that. That is kind of disrespectful. I just said he was fighting chumps”.

“Rampage” also spoke out to the many fans that added to this situation saying:

“You can tell the fans I lost respect for them because they nitpicking about every damn thang. People always trying to find something to hate on me about. Tell all of the fans that Rampage … at the end of the message, tell all of the fans that nitpick about every lil’ damn thing we do to grow the hell up.”

Jackson is one of the most charismatic and marketable fighters ever to fight for the promotion and truly enjoys his fame and the opportunity to fight for a living. You can next see “Rampage” put Griffin’s coaching skills to the test starting on The Ultimate Fighter 7 this Wednesday, April 2nd, after UFC Fight Night 13. He will then put Griffin’s chin to the test as they headline UFC 86 July 5th in Las Vegas.


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