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Fedor Has A Two Million Dollar Price Tag

In the midst of an ongoing effort to sign Fedor Emelianenko, EliteXC live events president Gary Shaw stated yesterday that the Russian wants a reported $2 million dollars per fight if he is to ink with the MMA promotion. Earlier last month a deal had been offered to Emelianenko which seemed generous, but it looks like that was not sufficient for the PrideFC Heavyweight Champion:

“He (Fedor) wants $2 million per fight. We keep going back and forth, but he has to fight soon. It’s been almost 2 years.”

Does this mean that Fedor’s price tag will keep him out of EliteXC? Probably. I really can’t think of anyone crazy enough to spend 2$ million per fight on someone who’s draw is lacking to say the least. Certainly, anyone reading this right now knows the name Emelianenko, but the man does not have a large enough commercial appeal to be worth that kind of money. So from here, one of two things can happen. Either Fedor drops his price tag and reaches an agreement with EliteXC, or the man fights elsewhere for what I’m sure will be nothing less than a small fortune.

Since Emelianenko is still a Russian resident and accustom to fighting in areas like Japan and Europe, it is entirely possible that he will just head back toward that part of the world to compete. Keep in mind Fedor doesn’t even speak English and all of his friends, family, and trainers are back in Russia. Apart from the lure of some serious dollars, what incentive does Fedor have to compete in a U.S. based promotion? And don’t say that he should take less money to compete in the U.S. because we have the better fighters, while that may be true, something tells me Fedor could care less about that aspect of the sport.


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