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Bob Sapp Linked To BALCO Scandal

In the past few years, steroids have been one of the biggest issues in all of sports. Barry Bonds, Shawn Merriman, Roger Clemens and many more have received a black eye from the mere rumors of use of performance enhancing substances.

MMA has not escaped unscathed from the steroid aftermath, in perhaps the most notable case both Sean Sherk and Hermes Franca tested positive for steroids following their five-round title fight at UFC 73. Yesterday steroids resurfaced in the fastest growing sport in the world though this time it wasn’t after a fighter had tested positive in a blood or urine test. Bob “The Beast” Sapp’s name was mentioned in the continuing BALCO scandal.

BALCO, which stands for Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative, is the company founded in 1984 by Victor Conte and is the very company that has been said to distribute steroids to the likes of Bill Romanowski, Barry Bonds, and Marion Jones. Victor and his associates would create a grouping of steroids, supplements, or growth hormones for their athletes and the athletes would use a calendar with a code on it to know when to take which “meds”.

Sapp is a monstrous man standing at 6-feet, 5-inches tall and weighing in at upwards of 350 pounds. According to the International Herald Tribune Sapp’s name was specifically mentioned as showing “some evidence” of steroids:

“Novitzky said 30 athletes were called to testify before the grand jury in 2003. Novitzky didn’t identify any of the athletes, but testified there was “some evidence” that professional wrestler Bob Sapp — who briefly played in the NFL — bought steroids from Arnold.”

This is not the first time that Sapp has had a public encounter with steroids with the drugs essentially leading to the end of his profesional football career. In Sapp’s 4 years in the NFL he played for 4 different teams and was cut from each prior to the season’s end. In 2000, while with the Oakland Raiders Sapp tested positive for steroids and was released from the team shortly thereafter.

BALCO appears to have been one of the leaders in steroid distribution. Along with Sapp are roughly 29 other athletes that were mentioned in the report. Sapp is a much more popular fighter overseas than he is in America though he has had a successful career thus far. He has played in the NFL, been in movies, and has been a solid fighter compiling a professional record of 9-3-1.

Sapp has not been indicted in the BALCO case, nor has he been charged of any wrongdoings.


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