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MacDonald Unimpressed; Looking to Submit Franklin

The winner of the Jason MacDonald/Rich Franklin fight this weekend at UFC 68 is in line for a title shot against Anderson Silva. This has been known. So what’s the news? Well Jason MacDonald isn’t too impressed with Franklin’s ability to knockout his opponents. In fact he feels with his abilities he matches up well with the “Ace”.

In a recent article by Fight Network MacDonald went on the record about this weekends matchup:

“Franklin always looks to throw the big left and I know to be cautious of it but I don’t think he is a knockout puncher. He caught Nate Quarry with a solid shot and knocked him out but if you look at his last ten fights that’s his only knockout. I think my stand-up skills are on par with his. I’ve never really utilized my striking as much as I maybe should have. In a fight you always revert back to what you’re comfortable with and what you’re best at and for me that would be submissions and ground-and-pound.”

Despite the fact that just one of his wins was a “knockout”, Franklin’s punches were responsible for 5 of his wins which definitely warrants MacDonald to take a close look at how to battle the fighter.

Here is “The Athlete’s” gameplan:

“Rich is going to be anxious and come at me quickly. I’m going to catch him and submit him.”

As most of us have experienced at least once, last minute drastic changes in what we arre familiar with can be fatal and sticking to your guns is more often than not your best route. The problem here? Franklin has yet to lose via submission in his MMA career so to propel himself into title contention MacDonald will have to buck the trend and sumbit Rich Franklin.


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