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St. Pierre’s Trainer Comments on Loss at UFC 69

UltimeFanatic has completed an interview with Stephane Patry, Georges St. Pierre’s trainer. The interview is interesting as it seems to come to light that GSP may have underestimate TUF 4 winner Matt Serra after all. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

UF : Georges mentioned in his post fight interview that he didn’t felt as usual before the fight. Did you perceived a strange feeling in the moments preceding the fight?

SP : No. In the locker room, everything went well. I think that it all happen when he entered to walk thru the octagon. Georges generally trains hard 6 to 8 weeks before the fight. For this fight, he only trained 4 weeks and he went 1 week in Europe then got ill for a few days when he went back to Canada.

His 4 weeks training was more a 3 weeks training sprint, maybe less. According to me, Georges lost his confidence when he entered the octagon, remembering himself he didn’t train as hard as he should have, or as he usually do. He had a lot of question in his head at this moment. He said in interview he feels his legs and shoulders were heavy, but in the locker room, he didn’t felt this way at all. Maybe all those questions affected his confidence. He wasn’t mentally in his best shape…

UF : Do you think Georges under estimated Matt Serra?

SP : I won’t tell he under estimated Serra, but you can’t fight at this level with a 3 weeks training camp only to face somebody who did train seriously for 7-8 weeks. Georges could have beaten Serra, but as I said, some little details can truly make the difference…

UF : Considering he wasn’t in his best shape, why Georges didn’t pulled out once again?

SP : The fight was already postponed twice and I figure out it became more and more delicate to do it again. And Georges decided to go anyway in Europe for a week during his training camp. It was his decision. He made some youthful mistakes while preparing for this fight and I sincerely think he’s gonna learn from it and come back stronger in a near future.

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