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MMA Chatter: Serra Discusses Himself, GSP, and Hughes

In some cut ups from MMA Madness, Matt Serra dishes out his classic brand of sentiment on the upcoming bout with GSP, arch rival Matt Hughes, and, of course, the hostile Canadian crowd.

Serra on Serra:

“I am the MMA version of The Cinderella Man, except my fight didn’t go the distance…”

On GSP and Hughes:

“Afterward he made up some excuses, but he (St. Pierre) apologized. He is a young guy who got the belt at an early age. There’s no reason for me to be angry at him. It’s not like Matt Hughes, who I think is a moron. GSP is a good guy. I’d like to fight Matt Hughes at some point…that fight has to happen regardless (of what happens against GSP). Too much has been done and said.

Some guys win some fights and they become assholes. I’m no different for better or worse. But Matt Hughes brings out the worst in me. He is mentally challenged. I haven’t read his book. People said it makes him sound like a dickhead. That’s not surprising. He’s not the sharpest tool in the shed.”

On how the first bout with St. Pierre was definitely not a fluke:

“People love GSP, but you can’t deny what I have done. You have Matt Hughes saying it was a lucky punch, but he’s a retard. Georges was supposed to be the new MMA god; the guy on the Wheaties box.. As far as everyone was concerned, I was just a little Italian guy that got lucky. It wasn’t one punch. I got the better of every exchange. I had a gameplan and it was my night.

People will say what they want to say. I haven’t lost any sleep over it. What can they say anyway? That I didn’t dominate that fight? It doesn’t matter. Critics can’t get into the cage with you unless they are in your head. Look, when I get (to Montreal’s Bell Centre), I know (the fans) are going to be against me. That’s Ok. I already have my family and friends, I could use a few enemies. So boo me. Boo me you drunks!”

Ah, the eloquent words of Matt Serra. We shall indeed see if Serra can back up his world class motor-mouth at UFC 83 which is now merely eight days away. Though it would be fun to see Serra get knocked silly after all his lip service, I am most definitely hoping for a war in Montreal.

Stop by next weekend for extensive coverage of UFC 83 live from Montreal, Canada.


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