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AFL “Bulletproof” Announced For May 30th in Atlanta [Press Release]

The Georgia Athletic and Entertainment Commission gave the green light to the American Fight League this week to host their largest event. Not only will it be the AFL’s first event in Georgia, but it will also take place at the largest venue in the state, Philips Arena. The arena has never hosted an MMA event before and CEO BJ Santiago was enthusiastic about the opportunity.

“Its an amazing opportunity for the AFL. I know that other MMA organizations, big ones were turned down so we feel especially grateful to the folks at Philips Arena for allowing us in. The Georgia Athletic and Entertainment Commission has been very helpful to us. We have their support and they know that they fully have ours. Its just a great opportunity for us to give back to another city in America and help mixed martial arts wipe a little more of the bad stigma off it’s face in the process”.

BJ continued, “We tentatively have several charity events planned around that event and some of those involve hip-hop artists and former NFL players. This is all awaiting approvals by the Georgia Athletic and Entertainment Commission, but will happen once the paperwork clears”.

The event will feature some familiar names along with some of the local legends of Atlanta. Marketing Director Sean McClure offered up as much info as he is currently allowed to give.

“We have athletes in our organization that are from that area and would give up a body part to get to fight in Philips Arena. Its one of those arenas that you dream of competing in when you are a kid. There is no better venue than Philips. It’s going to be spectacular I can tell you that”.

Partnering with the American Fight League is long time friend and owner of Bullet Fight Gear, Tony Metcalfe. Chief Production Officer Jon Hatton spoke highly of Tony and what he contributes to the AFL.

“Tony has been the biggest supporter of the AFL outside of our core team since its inception. He is also one of our biggest associate promoters and certainly in the top 3 that are on board with us, if not number one”.

The AFL will announce the full bout card shortly.


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